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We are living in a modern world, where technology is changing by each passing day. Technology has made our lives easier and comfortable. In order to save time and live luxurious life, human is doing new experiments in the field of technology. He is trying to make such gadgets which are faster and reliable than the previous ones.

The human is getting very advance in technology to develop society and create a new face to future. Years ago, when the technology was not so advanced it was difficult to remember things, it was difficult to store valuable or important data, it takes couple of months to travel long distances, human did not even know whether the earth is flat or sphere. But, nowadays we have hard drives to store and keep our data safe, in a couple of hours we can go through the globe, now not only the earth but we are exploring the whole universe. In the advancement to the technology we can do anything we want by hitting a single button. Ordering the food on internet, finding location on GPS, ridding a cycle to airplane is the product of technology.

Amped Wireless TAP-EX – Review

At a time when modern houses have multiple computing devices accessing Internet, one cannot survive without a good Wi-Fi range extender. Amped Wireless has recently launched one such extender. This touchscreen Wi-Fi range extender is called TAP-EX.

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iGaze headset – Review

Did you ever think that your gaze could turn tables? Well, it does not actually turn tables but can now connect devices. At Tsinghua University in China, Lan Zhang has developed a wearable headset called iGaze that serves the same ...

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