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Types of baby blankets

Baby blankets

Everything you choose for the baby need to be unique and catering to certain specific need. This is also true for the blankets we select for the baby. Most of us think that there can be only one type of blanket for babies. But believe it or not, there are many types of blankets for babies and each has its own purpose. Before selecting a blanket for the baby, understand your requirement and reason why you need the blanket and then make your choice. Here are some of the different types of baby blankets to select from.

1. Security Blanket

The primary work of a security blanket is comfort. It is not really meant to wrap or cover a baby. Generally a security baby blanket is made of plush or fleece and have a stuffed animal attached to it. When selecting a baby security blanket, make sure it is durable as the baby tends to often hold onto things for comfort and fun.

2. Swaddling Blanket

If you have a baby who gets restless very easily, then swaddling blanket is the right choice. Swaddling blankets as the name suggests are designed specifically to swaddle a baby with. These blankets come with fastenings that make it easy and quick to swaddle a baby as compared to ordinary blankets. There are also different varieties of this blanket and one can select according to requirement and budget.

3. Receiving Blanket

One of the simplest ways to identify a receiving blanket is the fact that it is one square yard long. Generally these blankets are simple and lightweight. These blankets are for your everyday tasks like putting baby on the floor, catch any drools or spit or to simply give him a comfortable feel. This is one baby blanket that parents heavily invest in.

4. Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are comparatively a new concept when we talk about baby blankets. This is a wearable blanket that the baby can slip into while sleeping. Babies below 12 months have a high risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). So, if we use the regular blankets in their cribs, they can get tangled or pull bedding over their faces. Therefore, this is a great alternative that is comfortable and safe as well.

5. Fleece blankets

Fleece blankets are generally 100% polyester. The fabric that is used in this type of baby blanket is synthetic. The best feature of this baby blanket is that it facilitates wicking. This helps in keeping the fabric dry. This is a great way to have a healthy balance of breathability and comfort.

6. Flannel Blankets

This is a type of baby blanket that is made of silk and cotton. Flannels are known to be colorful having eye catching patterns. These blankets have a large mix of cotton and silk. So if you are looking for a combination of look and comfort for the baby, then this is the right product.

7. Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets are very comfortable for summer months for the baby. The fabric of this blanket is well within your budget, soft and completely absorbent. It is also a strong fabric, so the chance of wear and tear is comparatively less. Maintenance of this baby blanket is easy. So, it can be easily ironed with no damage to the blanket. It is also a good insulator, as it is cotton. So when the weather is dry this blanket works well, however as soon as it gets wet, it looses its insulation.

8. Thermal Blankets

Thermal baby blankets are made of light or thermal material. This is one blanket that can be used all year long. Maintenance is also simple. These types of blankets are perfect for summer afternoon naps.

9. Crocheted Blankets

These baby blankets are made of soft yarns. These blankets are generally handmade and are perfect for the baby.

10. New Born Brain Stimulation Blankets

Well, this is not any unique type of blanket. But when you are selecting blanket for the baby all you need to understand is to identify a soft material for the blanket with interesting figures like animals, alphabets for the baby. Babies have a tendency to constantly drag things around with them while they are playing. With the little activities that they do, it helps in stimulating their little brains and is very useful in the later stage. So the blanket turns into a learning aid as well.

So, select from the range of baby blankets and see the little one smile at you.

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