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Tire on your wrist: Flaunt speed with style

Wear speed demon on your wrist. Pump up the biker in you and flaunt your passion for speed with elan. Designer Jeni Oye’s latest fashion accessories for wrist is here to rev up your fashion statement. If you believe your love for speed and thrill should show up on you, just wear it. Wrap your wrist with the funky adventure inspired wrist cuffs.

Bike tire design cuffs

Funky design

Jeni’s out of the way concept has fused in old tires and aluminum to come up with a catchy hand accessory. These are trendy, funky and ooze style. If you love fun and adventure, wish to sport it on hand, these wrist bands will definitely redefine your ‘biking daredevil’ persona.

Designed primarily to target the youth below 20, these wrist bands sport a raw appeal that makes it one band worth flaunting. Further, these bands are handmade and rest on an aluminum base. The design bears a striking resemblance to that of a bike rim. The treaded texture makes it appear like a tire that has covered a great amount of distance.

Why is it great

The concept itself deserves accolades. Bringing tires and aluminum in what could be one of the most uncommon and creative manner, Jeni Oye has skillfully converted these naïve stuffs into appealing fashion accessories. Bike loving souls would definitely find it irresistible. After all, it’s not just about the ride, but all about wearing your obsession for the ride. So what are you thinking? Pick one and let loose the speed demon.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
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