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The foods you require after baby birth

foodThe American Dietetic Association has put forward a few food options, which will greatly benefit the women who are recovering from childbirth. There intake is necessary from the point of view of health.

1. Protein- present in beef, lentils, eggs and so on. You may intake 60 to 70 grams of proteins per day
2. Calcium- present in milk products, collard greens, spinach and so on. 1,200 milligrams (mgs) daily will help you in recovering from bone lost during pregnancy.
3. Iron- present in fortified grains, cereal and so on. You are supposed to take 18 mgs of it daily
4. Choline- is found in egg yolk, steak, beef and others. Its good for maintaining memory, should be taken 425 mgs daily
5. Folic Acid- present in multivitamins, fortified cereals and orange juice. You are required to take 400 micrograms daily



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Dr Prem Jagyasi
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