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Saying ‘no’ to drinking under peer pressure

Alcohol is nothing but a drug of choice. Youngsters consider drinking and intoxication to be something trendy, failing to realize dangerous and embarrassing consequences."What will they think about me, a dumb?" This is "silent peer pressure", which force

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Fitness trends your teens will fall in love with

Most of the teens find exercising bit boring and if at all they have started it, they lose interest very soon. With the rise of innovative fitness trends, the boring fitness regime is given a new dimension.These trends are both fun and challenging. Most o

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Getting teens off the couch

With the advent of the 21st century, video games, computers and texting equipment have succeeded in taking over the era of physical outdoor games.These have turned the children into couch potatoes, making it almost impossible for the parents to convince t

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My baby is 10 months old, when will my baby talk?

My baby is 10 months old and till now he has not started talking. I am dying to listen the magical word mom from him mouth and I am waiting for it eagerly. I don’t have any elder with me to tell me when my baby will start talking. I have read an article

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Developing safe auto skills in teens

Parents, ideally, should feel ecstatic when their teen kids receive their driving license. It is a win-win situation for both, with the kids enjoying every bit of the new freedom and parents relieved from playing the role of chauffeur anymore. But with a

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