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Higher education in 2012: Top 5 tech trends

With the advent of year 2012, the prediction about trends in higher education has gradually caught its pace.The experts have tightened the belt to map the stats that will be followed by prestigious institutions of higher education and will then be followe

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Teen behavioral disorders: 5 most noticed

Parenting a teenager was, is and going to be a really tough task. It will only get tougher with changing times, advancing technology and intelligence. However, most often, until your own child grows into a teenager, you may feel that your family is immune

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Versatile vs. Geek: Teens seeking individuality

Stuck between adulthood and childhood, teens find it extremely difficult to establish their individuality. Peer pressure dominates their life. They are pressed to follow the group they belong to and simply do things because their friends do them. It leads

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Swapping Passwords: New Sign of Trust?

In an age, where teenagers keep themselves pre-occupied with social networking websites, a whole new trend of sharing passwords has been noticed. Is it an emerging sign of trust among teens or an underlying invisible threat lurking overhead? Why is it bec

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Tracking drug abuse teen trends over the years

Drug abuse has caused severe lifelong social and psychological damages among teens. In the long run, it produces people with poor judgement, low self-esteem and is often contrary to fit into the social fabric. From street drugs like cocaine, alcohol, m

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