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Surprise your teen with Hello Kitty beauty picks

Sephora, the creators of Hello Kitty, have definitely been inspired by the romantic and charming city of Paris, which is evident in their latest spring collection. The collection has a mix of both bright and light shades that can transform your looks by

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Tire on your wrist: Flaunt speed with style

Wear speed demon on your wrist. Pump up the biker in you and flaunt your passion for speed with elan. Designer Jeni Oye's latest fashion accessories for wrist is here to rev up your fashion statement. If you believe your love for speed and thrill should s

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Teen pregnancy: Ignorance is the major cause

Accessibility of valuable information on the subject of pregnancy and female anatomy is significantly improved with the greater technological penetration. Despite various education campaigns in schools and various media, teenage pregnancy is still prevale

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'Virtual' conquest of space by lion hearted teens

Traveling to space is something you can just dream of! If lucky enough, you might land there a day even if it's a distinct possibility. Turning this daunting task to reality, two high spirited Canadian teens sent one 'man' to space, at a mere expense of $

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Teens addiction to virtual world: The scary truth

The internet is a very relevant asset for research, news, entertainment and learning online. However, the world wide web also poses lots of risks for the teenage population, sometimes making them get addicted to the virtual world of the internet. Research

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Drunkorexia: 2-in-1 new teen fad

'Drunkorexia' is a term that is of recent coinage. It describes the condition of being drunk along with anorexia. Anorexia is actually a biological, brain-based disorder where one excessively fears weight gain and thus, reduces the food intake. In this co

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Teen parenting mantra: Less is more

It seems to parents that teenage is the toughest phase of their child to handle. The situation is tough to adjust when their teen kids hardly communicate to them, especially about their lives. Teens tend to turn rebellious and pull away from family relati

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