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authoritative parenting- a demand of current times?

Is authoritative parenting is required in order to keep the kids out of trouble like drugs. I am not sure, how do i handle the pressure that my teenage boy is going through at the school, how do i guide him? Is authoritative parenting my son right when al

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Saving a girl from authoritarian parenting!

I need to know about some cases and some really good tips about authoritarian parenting styles of parenting. Which is the best place to look it up? What do you guys think of this style of parenting? Is it too harsh to be authoritative? Would a child hate

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parents behaving badly ?

I feel sorry when i see my neighbor behaving badly with their children at the meeting events like sport meets in the school. This tells me that they must not be behaving any better at their home as well, i want to do something about it without reporting i

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Best books on positive parenting?

Hi all, i am looking for the best books available on positive parenting. If you happen to know any please share it with me and also the details as to where i can find it. Contact details of the online bookstores will be the best so that i can search it an

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Who are the toxic parents?

Who are the toxic parents? I have been hearing about this term toxic parents a lot nowadays, recently in fact i even read about it in this parenting book but it was too hard to understand. Can someone explain everything or as much possible, you know like

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parent link?

Yesterday I have seen a hoarding on parent link…helps to increase confidence in parents… this add has made me very skeptic that how can a link helps to improve confidence in parents. As I have one girl and one boy who have recently started going schoo

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parental controls tools?

I have four boys in age range from 6-15 who all enjoy the computer. But sometimes i found them opening those sites which I think is not good for them to see or read…. As I cant monitor them every time I was little worried as I don’t want them to go on

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kinds of parenting skills?

I am a pregnant woman with six months of pregnancy and I am really nervous as just after three months I am going to deliver my first child. I can’t explain in words my happiness but with that I am little worried about my baby’s care. In earlier time w

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parent bridge Info for parents…

I have got my child enrolled in Mesa County Valley 51...and have heard of their tech savvy environment with all recent updates related to school and its various events....I as a parent want to register myself in the parent bridge portal of the school in m

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