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Dangerous teen fads parents should be aware about

Teenage is one of the most eventful periods of life. Teenagers start developing their likes and dislikes during this period. They suddenly feel the desire to use liberty in their own terms, and in most cases, unknowingly land in trouble. One of the dange

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Why it is important to know signs of period coming?

Sometimes when I am alone then there are many questions running in my mind and today I am going to put one of the question that came in my mind yesterday. I have heard that many women ask question about signs of period coming, but I am not able to underst

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How to identify brown spotting before period?

Hey I have heard many times that many women are getting brown spotting before period. But I have never faced this and I am always curious to know that how you can identify that it’s your regular period spotting or brown spotting as our period spotting i

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Are you facing period cramps problem?

I am 19 year old and whenever my periods date come than it makes me so much uncomfortable because of my period cramps. It really hurts me a lot that I can’t even move from my place. So I want to know that this is happening only to me or all women are fa

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Does every women get cramps before period?

I am 18 years old and every month before my periods I am getting cramps. These cramps give me lot of pain and believe me for some time I am not able to move from my place. I want to know that is this happening to me only or every woman is facing this prob

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Guide to acne skin care for teens

The beginning of teenage also marks the beginning of a number of skin problems, which can irritate you to a great extent. moreover, it can also lower your self esteem. Though there are many reasons that could lead to the formation of acne, hormones and en

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10 Classics that should be read by every teen

Classics have been around since ages and offer a wide view on different perspectives. To attain sophisticated vocabulary and an in-depth analysis of literary terms, classics are excellent tools. Teens should read them for intellectual enhancements.They

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What are those crazy things parents say to you?

ROFL…LOL...I could not even found a room to get hide somewhere when my dad asked me about my penis today. He asked about the size of my penis and frankly speaking I got completely blushed and got out of home. I am sure many of you have faced such type o

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