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Exam fever: Tips for parents to follow

With just the name of the word exam, people go into stress and a fear of studies. It happens with children during their exam fever, and on that time, their most important stress busters are their parents. Emotionally and mentally, ...

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How to discipline your child

When we come to identify parenting styles, then we distinctly find two categories of parents- the intimidator and the encourager.  The latter makes use of punishments as a strategy for parenting in order to get the child to understand the ...

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How to protect your child from allergies?

Allergies are very common in infants and children, and if not taken seriously, it might turn into a serious health issue. As a responsible parent, it is your duty to provide enough protection to your child so that he/she does ...

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Your child’s first dental visit

Dental health is an important part of child health and may often remain unnoticed. However, the fact is that parents need to be vigilant about the dental health of their children right from infancy. Hygiene and care taken during the ...

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