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Single parent: Learn your way towards single parenting

Single parent

Bringing up a child as a single parent is certainly not an easy path to tread. It’s almost like a full time job. The problems are manifold with the necessity of tackling the maddening situation of managing finances, taking care of the child, working, and coping up with stress. While you do all this, the tough task hardly leaves time for you to take care of yourself. We have compiled a few tips to help you out and to make space for you to breathe:

1. You deserve a time off
You deserve a break and need to take proper care of yourself. Agreed, it is not possible to relax for the whole day as you don’t have a partner to help you out with basic tasks or household chores; nevertheless, small breaks are essential. So, the next time your baby is asleep, take a nap. Leave alone a household chore that can be delayed a bit and catch up with your favorite TV program. Invest little time in the activities you enjoy. This would keep you rejuvenated and prepared for the challenges of single parenting.

2. Talk to people in similar situation
Make sure that you talk it out with other single parents. You cannot bar the kids from going to a place with parenting couples but it is better to be in the same community. Looking at parenting couples might have a negative impact both on you and your child. Talking with single parents would make you relax in your comfort zone sharing the experiences and challenges they face.

3. Prefer assistance
Try to gather help from your family members in raising your kids. Help can also be sought from other single parents. It is a good idea to take care of their kids once in a while so that you have an option to leave your kids when you want to venture out.

4. Move beyond initial feelings
Move beyond the initial feelings of stress and guilt. Try to cope up with stress by diverting your attention with the things you like. Pamper yourself through the process. You are lucky to have full control over your child. Rear the child the way you want to without having to face opposing views and the feeling of remaining underappreciated for your efforts.

5. Planning and scheduling would help
Planning the way you want to live and thinking about your child’s future would be a good idea. This would help you to prioritize your stuff and plan things in advance. Suppose you plan to send your kid abroad for higher studies, you would want to start saving now. As a single parent, plan your funds and prioritize your attention.

6. Team up as a family
Being a single parent can be frustrating but thinking about the challenges would not do much benefit. Try to tackle the challenge in a positive manner. Concentrate on your success rather than failures. Remember that you are carrying the burden of responsibilities meant for two. So, appreciate yourself time and again. Also, teach your kids that you have to face everything as a family. Initiate regular communications. Sort conflicts through communications thus teaching your kids good life lessons.

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