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What’s safe to drink during pregnancy

Drinking fluid is extremely necessary during pregnancy. A woman’s body is nourishing the young one inside her, therefore, proper hydration is very important. Drinking sufficient amount of fluids expels out toxin of the pregnant body. Simultaneously, it provides nutrients to the baby via the placenta. There is rapid use of amniotic fluid in the body for the baby’s growth and nourishment. It has been researched that pregnant women need one cup of water each hour just to maintain her amniotic fluid balance. This amount is needed extra to what she needs for a normal health. Therefore, the pregnant women need to have excessive fluid that should be safe for the baby nourishing inside. The fluid should be able to provide hydration, amniotic fluid replenishment as well as providing nutrient to both pregnant women and the baby inside her. There are drinks that are safe while some can be detrimental. Here is the list of drinks that are safe and unsafe for pregnant women:

Drink safe during pregnancy

The drinks that can be taken with proper precaution

1. Fruit juices

Fruit juices are very important for pregnant women. They not only provide rich amount of vitamins and minerals but also provide sugar that is necessary for the optimum growth of the baby. Fruits are rich with nutrients that are essential for baby’s proper growth. The water-soluble vitamins such as B complex and C is good for both the pregnant woman and the baby inside. However, if women are taking vitamin supplements in the form of pills, then oil soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, and E can be damaging for the baby. Like an example, Vitamin A is essential for brain and eye development of fetus but excessive amount can lead to slower brain growth and even neural disorder. Therefore, care must be taken with fruit drink. Do remember, most of the fruit based beverages in the market and full of preservatives and artificial flavors that are harmful for the babies. Therefore, only fresh fruit juices should be taken.

2. Milk

Milk is another drink that is very useful for the neonatal development. It provides calcium, folic acid, proteins, fats and other valuable minerals. However, drinking excessive milk can cause gasification in tummy that can induce excessive pressure in the womb. If you are having a lactose intolerance, then the baby can also face difficulty due to the intolerance. Milk is also a rich source of oil soluble vitamins such A, D and E. Therefore, a proper balance is needed.

3. Sports drink

Sports drink in lesser amount is tolerable for the pregnant women, as they have infused vitamins and minerals in them. These sports drinks are also instant source of sugar that can be beneficial during low-pressure situation. However, these sports drinks have preservatives that are not beneficial for the neonatal development. Therefore, sports drinks can be said safe but with caution.

4. Mineral water

Mineral water is quite safe as it’s free of any microbial contamination. It’s purified with pharmacological standard. Therefore, it is safe for drinking. However, purification techniques as well as TDS (Total dissolved solids) should be checked before you are drinking mineral water. RO water is quite safe but its commercial packaging may be unsafe. Therefore, best option is to drink boiled RO water.

5. Decaf coffee

Decaf coffee is quite safe for a pregnant woman as it contains lesser amount of caffeine. However, normal decaffeination is carried out with methyl chloride treatment that is not safe to be ingested. There is another technique known as Swiss technique of decaffeination which is safer. However, even if it is decaf, too much drinks can leave sufficient caffeine inside the body.

Drinks to avoid:

1. Caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drink is completely prohibited as it may induce abortion. The caffeine also shows biological magnification that means the caffeine is accumulated in the fetus that hampers its proper growth. It may lead to miscarriage, lesser body weight, and even death. It includes the beverages that have caffeine such as cola, red bull and other drinks. Therefore, coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages need to be completely avoided during pregnancy.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is very harmful for the body as it has toxic effect on both pregnant woman as well as fetus growing inside. The fetus growing inside cannot detoxify the alcohol that reach via the mother’s blood. It may cause severe growth issues as well as birth defect. Therefore, all alcoholic beverages as well as fermented food should be avoided. It includes whiskey, scotch and even light wines.

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