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iPad VS. Nook Vs. Kindle: Choosing the best eReader for kids

ipad VS. Nook Vs. Kindle

Kids these days require technological stimulation for their enhanced development as well as gaining knowledge about the outer world. Technological revolutions such as iPads, Nook and Kindle makes it easier for the kids to learn and grown and acquire a special niche for themselves. Apart from classroom knowledge, these products help the kids learn through various other sources such as games, e-books and internet. But if you as a parent are wondering about which of these technologies would suit your kid and help in bringing out her/his maximum potential, then check out these pointers before you make your decision.

Product description

iPad is an extension in the technologies that man has ever made or used. At the same time, it offers the utilities of a laptop along with comfort and ease of operating. It has also has two cameras for video chatting and HD video chatting. The light, thin and crisp design makes it easier for kids to handle. It makes web surfing easier and more controllable and makes reading books an experience.

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Kids on the other hand is completely designed for your little ones. It is dedicated to young readers who love to flip through the pages of an ebook. Combined with latest technologies within a touchscreen, kids can see characters from their favorite fairytale come alive with just a tap on screen. The Nook Kids app includes more than 12000 stories collection to start with.

Kindle at the same time is another preferred choice for the parents as it is $300 lesser than the Apple’s iPad but incorporate high features of a tablet. Its fast web browser enables kids to learn and acquire more at lesser time while the display content works well with children. Apart from this, the dual core processor makes working easier and more sufficient.

Benefits for kids

iPad can help remover social stigmas attached to the children with special needs as the product offers several benefits to such children. The results of certain researches show that kids with cerebral palsy have been benefited by the use of iPad as it helps them to respond. A $190 application for iPad users makes it possible for such children to learn words as the application speaks the words that are associated with the pictures that the child touches. This makes learning more interactive. The disabled children can also learn through these applications. Also, speech therapists believe that iPad’s application help kids to learn faster and reduce their stammering.

Nook kids on the other hand offer imaginative learning. It has several games that stimulate child’s brain. These games make your kid happier that results in greater neural connections. Block games, puzzles and art games help kids to learn and acquire more while using their imagination. For instance, by playing block games your child can learn about balance and geometry while she works with different shapes on the screen.

Kindle also offers games along with the opportunity of reading ebooks. It allows faster and discounted access to Amazon from where kids can buy their favorite books and develop the habit of learning. This helps in promoting the habit of reading increases literacy levels.


If you have a tethered jailbreak for your iPad, then you might have to suffer the problem of connecting it to the computer again and again for each time you have to reboot. At the same time, the new iOS 5 isn’t compatible with various tweaks and applications which may make it difficult for you to use. Therefore, wait for some time for the untethered jail break and look out for applications that would work the best with your child’s iPad.

The basic problem with Nook is that it is slow and may not register your touch. The voice command application may get confused if you ask to do something. The internet may work slow at the areas with low Wi-Fi signals although the company is trying to overcome these problems.

Kindle at the same time also has slow working in comparison to iPad and the interface is full of too many steps which may make it difficult for a kid to operate. The design isn’t really user friendly, therefore the buttons doesn’t fit into your hands. eReader is not yet incorporated. The battery might have some problems to work with. There is no color for the books.


The 16 GB version of iPad incorporating only a Wi-Fi system will cost you $500 while the 32 GB is $600 and 64 GB comes for $700. If you wish to add the 3G option to your child’s iPad, then it will cost you another $130. Shipment takes maximum of 90 days depending upon the area.

Nook also has a varied price range with Nook simple touch priced at $99. The Nook Color which is especially designed for kids cost $199 while the Nook Tablet for HD entertainment cost $ 249.

Kindle keyboard with a 6” display would cost you $139.

So, now that you know about all the three products, you can decide which one would suit your kid’s needs and buy it for their better growth. Although all of them have several downfalls, the companies are trying hard to erase those problems and hopefully in the future these issues would be solved.

From a technical perspective, each one of these have several good benefits with i-pad being also an advantage for children with special needs. These tablets give your child the opportunity to learn more, develop a reading habit and indulge in interactive thinking. But at the same time make sure that you monitor your child’s active to reduce any misuse of the internet or the tablet. It is expected that soon all of these tablets would come with an inbuilt parent lock that would protect the applications from getting deleted uselessly and will allow parents to exercise more control over the products.

Happy learning to the kids!

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