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Family is a term that refers to an environment consisting of parents and children who live in close proximity. It is a relation in which parent’s behavior affects children and vice versa. So, it is imperative for everybody in the family to behave properly and as per the expectations of each other if you want happiness to prevail in your family. Some children are lucky enough to have been born and brought up in a family where two loving parents took care of them.

On the other hand, some children are kind of unlucky to have seen their parents split and thereafter grown under single parenthood. It is a known fact that children always model their parents, so it is parent’s responsibility to exhibit positive and good behavior in front of their children. Parents can always take help and do research regarding how to make their family a good and a happy family. Similarly, if children feel ignored or they get irritated by the over-protective nature of their parents, they can read about and consult others about how to deal with their parents while maintaining cordial relation with each other. Parents should instill moral values and ethics in their children right from their childhood, and make sure that they themselves portray those values and ethics in their behavior as well.

Magical spaces that your kids will surely love

Kids love fantasy, dreamy worlds and beautiful magical places! So, why not create a world only for kid’s right at your home to let them enjoy those youthful years. Creating some magical spaces at home give them the opportunity to ...

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Cooking Together With Kids Helps Family Bonding

[box_dark]Cooking Together With Kids Helps Family Bonding [/box_dark]                           Food and cooking, is probably the most integral part of any house hold. Today with nuclear family set ups, both parents working, there is a dearth of quality time that ...

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Motithang Children's Park

World over, people are becoming environment conscious. Everyone, today is aware of the harm that the depleting Ozone layer can cause, it truly does have a lot of negative effects. We as adults, want to ensure that the younger generation ...

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The Joy of Togetherness

In the modern world, India as a country has been known for its joint family set ups, strong emotional ties between families and over all for its value system. This indeed, is a matter of great pride. But its sad, ...

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Engage your kids in household chores

Engaging children in household chores from a young age is very important as it helps them grow into responsible, self sufficient individuals. You must not wait for their kids to grow up before involving them in household work because this ...

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Birthday Party Themes for Your Toddler

A toddler’s birthday is always a special moment for parents. Tiny tots are always the apple of the eyes of their family hence they are treated with extra love and affection. All the parents wish to throw a gala party ...

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