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Family is a term that refers to an environment consisting of parents and children who live in close proximity. It is a relation in which parent’s behavior affects children and vice versa. So, it is imperative for everybody in the family to behave properly and as per the expectations of each other if you want happiness to prevail in your family. Some children are lucky enough to have been born and brought up in a family where two loving parents took care of them.

On the other hand, some children are kind of unlucky to have seen their parents split and thereafter grown under single parenthood. It is a known fact that children always model their parents, so it is parent’s responsibility to exhibit positive and good behavior in front of their children. Parents can always take help and do research regarding how to make their family a good and a happy family. Similarly, if children feel ignored or they get irritated by the over-protective nature of their parents, they can read about and consult others about how to deal with their parents while maintaining cordial relation with each other. Parents should instill moral values and ethics in their children right from their childhood, and make sure that they themselves portray those values and ethics in their behavior as well.

single parent working?

hello people. i am a mother to a 2 year old and my husband died when he child was just 10 months old. it has taken me almost a year to be back. now, its really becoming difficult to make both ends meet and i would have to look for a job now. any ideas to

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What can you tell me about parental rights?

Hi I have to find out the parental rights for someone close to me. That person is filling for a divorce and she wants to know what the parental rights are on the kids that she has with her husband. She does not think the husband would be completely good t

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Inexpensive Gift!

I want inexpensive gift ideas for a child’s birthday. It is a friend’s son’s birthday and I haven’t a clue of what to get him. Could help me decide what kids of the age 10 like. Should I just get him a remote control car or some

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Table Decorations For A Birthday Party!

I want funky and whacky table decorations for my child’s birthday party. There are going to be 4 rectangular tables one for the gifts the other for just the cake, another for the food. I have not really decided. It would be grea

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Zorinsky Water Park?

Have you heard about the Zorinsky water park? Where is this place situated? What age of children can go there? I have three kids of the ages 2, 4 and 7. We were planning a family vacation, which are the best places to go to? My aunt t

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Help me to find the stores for destination baby?

Hi friends! I want to buy a baby stroller for my baby boy.I think destination baby is the best place to buy it.But I can't find any store or website for destination baby.What do you think?Is destination baby is best for buying baby stroller for my 9 month

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How To Make A Fleece Tie Blanket?

Hey can you tell me how to make a fleece tie blanket? I am supposed to help a friend make it I wanted to know how. She has to gift it to her brother for his child’s baby shower. Is it very hard to make, how much time it takes to

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