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Family is a term that refers to an environment consisting of parents and children who live in close proximity. It is a relation in which parent’s behavior affects children and vice versa. So, it is imperative for everybody in the family to behave properly and as per the expectations of each other if you want happiness to prevail in your family. Some children are lucky enough to have been born and brought up in a family where two loving parents took care of them.

On the other hand, some children are kind of unlucky to have seen their parents split and thereafter grown under single parenthood. It is a known fact that children always model their parents, so it is parent’s responsibility to exhibit positive and good behavior in front of their children. Parents can always take help and do research regarding how to make their family a good and a happy family. Similarly, if children feel ignored or they get irritated by the over-protective nature of their parents, they can read about and consult others about how to deal with their parents while maintaining cordial relation with each other. Parents should instill moral values and ethics in their children right from their childhood, and make sure that they themselves portray those values and ethics in their behavior as well.

On a date with spouse at home

It must be a common problem for every parent that after birth of kids, there was no time available to go out on date with spouse. You actually have to stress on your mind to realize when was the last time you went out on a date. Responsibilities double up

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Becoming 'Super dad' from dad

Most dads aspire to become super dads or best dads but they fail to do so due to certain roadblocks in their way. How many times have you ever played with your child without making excuses or saying ‘a minute later’? Do you manage not to break your p

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Strategies for parenting children with ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a developmental disorder in children and is mainly characterized by problems in giving attention to a particular task a hyperactive behavior. Every behavior occurs infrequently alone and the symptoms usu

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Is spying on kids the correct method of protection?

How can one know when to draw the line between spying and protection of kids? The current influences that technology affords for kids, the parents are usually left puzzled about where to go and what to do to keep a tab on what the kids do. Taking a past r

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What should I do about the football season?

What are the various ways to keep you husband at home when it is the football season. I do not want my husband to go off, before it was ok when we did not have kids or when they were very young. Are you happy when the football season arrives? My kids unde

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How do you become a good parent?

What are the tips to being a great parent? How do you know you are not going to turn out to be dreadful parents? What if your children aren’t what you expected them to be? Would you prefer being a liberal or authoritative parent? What is your idea of go

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Can you divorce your parent or parents?

My aunt is married to the most dreadful man. The entire family dislikes him. My cousin, whose father is hated, wants to break free from the relationship. My aunt and uncle are not divorced. Does my cousin have a say in this relationship. Is there a law wh

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Strategies for work-at-home moms

There was a time when women who stayed at home were out of options to earn a living. Times have changed and so have women. Women often feel their responsibilities are at a peak when they become a mom. They often leave their job for the sake of their young

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