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BMW's 'Sauber F1 Junior Seat' to ensure safe-n-sound travel for your kid

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The first and foremost concern of every parent is his child’s safety. And when it comes to traveling parents need to be very selective while purchasing car seats as the right one can only ensure your loved one’s safety while on move. Keeping all these safety measures, German leading car manufacturer BMW has launched its Sauber F1 Junior Seat. The seat will make your little one feel as if he is in his own F1 car fitting him properly into it.

Easy to use the Sauber F1 car seat is ideal for very young kids of 3 yr. (33 lbs.) and also 12 yr. (79 lbs.) who are naughty ones and keep jumping and troubling you while you drive. The seat is provided by comfortable backrest and side supports that are fully adjustable and can be slid together to make sure they are in the correction proportion.

With an added feature of a centimeter scale that is given on the backrest you can actually ‘grow’ the seat with the child sitting in it. With all good looks apart I personally feel that paying $1,000 to keep my kids safe and comfortable is not at all a bad deal!

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
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