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Developing safe auto skills in teens

Parents, ideally, should feel ecstatic when their teen kids receive their driving license. It is a win-win situation for both, with the kids enjoying every bit of the new freedom and parents relieved from playing the role of chauffeur anymore. But with a high rate of teen deaths while driving, the situation is far from being ideal for parents. Teen drivers have been proved to be reckless by the statistics. There are many factors which contribute to the tendency of unsafe driving in teens. Lack of experience, drug use, peer influence and definitely adventure seeking attitude are some of the few reasons for the ‘bad driving’ in teens. However, parents can take charge and guide their kids to learn safe driving. Here are a few tips for parents to help them in this process:

Drive safe

1. Proper learning

It is always advisable to train your kids in driving by a professional before they hit the road on their own. Parents can drive as passengers with their kids and help them to gain confidence in handling the vehicle well. They can also make their kids aware of all the possible adverse situations on the roads and provide expert tips on proper defensive skills of driving. In fact, kids can try experimenting new things, make mistakes and fine tune their driving skills with parents around.

2. Safety belt

One of the things to constantly remind your teen kid is to use the seat belts while driving. This is one of the simple ways to keep serious injuries at bay, if faced with an accident. In fact, this should be made into a rule and monitored strictly till it becomes a habit. A best way to teach your kids is to follow what you teach them.

3. Know the limits

The worst enemy for a teen driver is perhaps the young age and the attitude. At this age, very often they tend to get adventurous and participate in thrilling activities such as rash driving. It is extremely important to make the kids aware that speeding is not at all ‘cool’ and that it can end lives. Peer pressure is one of the reasons to participate in such dangerous activities. Proper communication and relationship with parents can ensure kids to resist temptations of involving in any risk driving.

4. Say no to drugs and alcohol while driving

Teenagers should understand that it is no way safe to drive after having alcohol or drugs. Alcohol affects the reflexes and ability of discretion which play significant roles in driving safely. Parents need to be strict on this and should make sure that their kids never drive under the influence of any drug or alcohol. Kids should be encouraged to inform their parents when they do not feel comfortable to drive. The support and friendly behavior of parents can make things easier and help kids avoid driving when impaired.

5. Avoid bad conditions while driving

Driving after dark is fatal in most cases for teen drivers, who are yet to learn driving the perfect way. It is also dangerous when the weather conditions are bad and driving is not smooth enough on the roads. The young drivers should enhance their driving skills in favorable situations before they take a drive at night or in rough weather conditions.

6. Focus on driving

Perhaps, one of the instances when multi-tasking should never be done, is while driving a car. Teens tend to indulge in various activities such as texting to friends, eating snacks or drinking, adjusting the music player, reading or taking notes or applying make-up. These activities act as distractions and hamper in the concentration levels while driving. Teen drivers should make a conscious effort to avoid using mobile phones while driving, unless it is for emergency reasons. Even in such cases, they should pull the car to a safe location for taking up the call. It is important for kids to understand that they need to be alert while they drive, the rest can wait.

Distractions also occur when teenagers drive with a large group. There is a strong possibility of unsafe driving with too many teen passengers in one vehicle. Parents should make it a rule that their kids do not drive with friends or for recreational purposes till they acquire a consistent record of safe driving. Constant monitoring by parents is a must in this regard to maintain the rule.

7. A balanced personality

Young drivers need to understand that to be successful in driving they need to act in a matured way on the road. They need to exhibit controlled emotions and avoid any kind of aggressive behavior while they are behind the wheel. It is in common interest to stay away from negative reactions to any situations while driving.

Teen drivers can learn safe driving. All that is needed is a strict vigilance and at the same time loving support of parents to make things approving for the kids. A little help from your side and your young adult is all set to zoom into the world.

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