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Choosing the right name for your baby

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“What is in a name?” – Don’t believe in that theory? No worries, the world has not run out of innovative names for to be born babies. Consult with your friends, colleagues, family members. If not satisfied with their ideas, the internet will hopefully not let you down. Whether you’re looking for classic names like David, John etc or exotic new names like Liam or Ava, the internet will never fail you. Try to keep the names easy to spell and pronounce. You don’t want the name to be a burden on your child.

So keeping that in mind takes care not to give your child a tongue twister of a first name. Here are a few simple suggestions to help choose a name for your baby that is creative, meaningful and easy on the tongue:

1. Decide

First of all decide, what kind of a name you want? Remember that names are mostly for a lifetime. Not too many babies who grow take the trouble of changing their names. More importantly they shouldn’t have to! So, if you want a timeless and classic name, go for names like William, John, Andrew, Adam, David, Joseph, Jack etc for boys and Alice, Anna, Caroline, Diana, Laura, Helen, Rachel etc for girls. But it’s always hard to be one of the dozen Johns and half dozen Emilys. So, if you want your little one to stand out and be recognized by just the mere name, go for something uncommon.

2. Look for a meaningful name

In many cultures, first names have deep meanings behind them. You don’t need to find a word which would require a dictionary every time to find out the meaning, but meaningful names do have an impact. Consider the name Sage for a boy, it means wise and saintly. Similarly, the name Serenity for your daughter that means tranquility. Names like Mercy and Prudence have virtue. Some of the deep spiritual names are Answer, Bliss, Destiny, Faith, Trinity, Dream and the very well known Madonna. And don’t learn the meaning after choosing a random name, do vice-versa, choose a name to which you know the meaning.

3. Don’t fall for trends

Trends wear out easily. If you were thinking of naming your little one after a movie or movie star, a TV show, or a hit musician – don’t. They may fade quicker than the ablation!

4. Count the syllables

When choosing a name, be it only first name or middle name included or full name, consider the rhythm, Michaela Mackenzie Morton-Mills is too much of a stretch. Be careful about combinations that could turn your child’s name into a joke, for example this name – Justin Case, it also reads as Just in case! A short last name goes well with a longer first name (Isabella Bloom) and vice versa (Loyd Christmas), two-syllable first names complement two-syllable last names well e.g. Aiden Carter.

5. Old is gold (sometimes!)

So go back to your roots. Trace your ancestry or ethnicity and you may just find a name you’ve been searching for. Some of the ancient and old fashioned names like Charlotte were pretty popular last year.

6. Celebrity baby names

Sometimes celebrities show off their creativity through naming their child. For example, Ashley Parker Angel & Tiffany Lynn named their kid Lyric, added the last name it becomes Lyric Angel – the angel of lyrics! But don’t take it overboard if you are not a celebrity.

7. Time and place of birth

This is another popular method of naming your kid. For example the names Summer, Autumn, April, Dakota, Indiana, Adelaide etc. However, it’s not necessary to be born in April to be named April or born in Adelaide to be named Adelaide.

8. Offbeat names

Here are some offbeat, somewhat abstract names – Afternoon, Bravery, Fable, North, Quintessence, Tuesday etc. But as mentioned before, be careful what you name your kid lest it becomes a joke or a burden.

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