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7 Pre school essentials for the first day

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We all know how difficult it is for the child to move from a familiar environment and step into the school. The first day at the pre school can be challenging both for the child and the pre school teacher. To help the pre school teacher, double check and pack all the essentials that your child would require. Here is a list to help you out.

1. Tags on Backpack

There should be a name tag in the child’s backpack where the mother’s phone number, residential address as well as the class, section and identification number of that child is mentioned.

2. Familiar stuff

Anything that reminds him/her of home, can be included in the essentials list. Whenever he/she misses home, he/she can still feel at home with stuff belonging to home.

3. Extra clothes
Pack extra clothing in child’s backpacks. Preschoolers forget almost everything while playing. They may soil their clothes or mess it up while playing with clay or colors.

4. Pre school specified stuff

Check with the school for an essentials checklist. They are sure to provide you with one. This list would state all that the child would require when at the pre school. Do not miss any item stated on the checklist. Ensure that your child has everything, a pre school teacher would require him/her to get.

5. Baby wipes
Two or three boxes of wipes should be kept in the child’s backpack so that the child’s hands can be sanitized after playing for sometime in the playground when they touch dirty things like mud etc.

6. Sleeping essentials

A child should bring a small blanket and a pillow which would fit in the pillow case or inside the child’s own backpack. A stuff toy should be put in the child’s backpack if the child is scared to sleep alone or in an unfamiliar place. A nap mat should be packed in the child’s backpack, though some schools supply the child with those mats.

7. Favorite toys

A toy would help the child to forget about home and be playful and active. Always pack the favorite toys of your child. This would help your pre schooler to adjust to the school environment while still having familiar stuff around him/her.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
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