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6 causes of male infertility

Male Infertility

Male infertility mostly refers to the inability of a male to become a biological father. Till recent times, women alone had to bear the burden of dealing with infertility issues; but now data proves that male infertility is found in about 40 percent of infertile couples. Infertility in males is assessed through semen analysis test. Ability to help a women become pregnant depends on the quality of the sperms and the sperm count. Sperms must be high in count only the time when the woman is ovulating, to make her pregnant. The main cause of male infertility is low sperm count in semen or in medical terms Azoospermia. There are several factors that can lead to low sperm count. We have put together the six most common factors leading to male infertility. Read on and be aware.

1. Abnormal testicles or injured groin

Low sperm count can be due to abnormal or dysfunctional testicles. There are many veins around the testicle and vas deferens or the absence of duct to pass sperm to female can cause low sperm count. In the past, mumps orchitis, which is swelling of testicles which results in pain, was thought to be one of the causes of sterility in men. Any major infection in and around groin area may also result in low sperm count.

2. Anatomical defects

In some cases, the penis would not develop properly due to anatomical defects. This causes low sperm count and leads to a condition when the sperm is not deposited properly in the vagina of the woman during intercourse.

3. Heat

Normal sperm production is affected a lot by heat. This is the reason to ensure that nature kept testicles in scrotum, which is placed outside the body and not inside the body. Men who take bath with extreme hot water are at a greater risk to loose their sperms due to heat. The sagging layer of fat in obese men heats the testicles and these fat men become infertile due to this. People, like drivers have to sit for very long hours. This causes the genital area to heat a lot. This also causes infertility in these people.

4. Smoking

Sperm motility is often described as the ability of the sperm to move towards the egg. If a man is a chain smoker, it can cause problems in the sexual life. Researches have shown that a man who intakes more than 20 cigarettes per day has a low sperm count and thus face difficulty in making a woman pregnant.

5. Alcohol

Due to alcohol intake, men lose ability and inclination which is required during intercourse; this leads to infertility. Production of male hormone testosterone and sperm is reduced.

6. Workaholic

Fatigue in workaholic men reduces their interest in intercourse. This fall in interest and following low sex drive leads to less sperm count. Thus another major cause for male infertility.

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