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Elegant swings to soar on childhood pleasures

Having a swing in a house not only adds more to its grandeur but also relieves you from stress by swinging on it. Swings, indeed are a great way to revisit your childhood fantasies. Many swings are available in the market which are meant for interiors, so

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Royal Baby? The Duchess says not as yet!

Well, the peanut paste rejection, the apparent weight gain and the news of expecting twins- had all got us staring at the Duchess for the much awaited baby bump. But from what it seemed, the Prince and the Duchess wanted to break the rumor mills overnight

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Parenting Fails: Just for laughs!

Baby hung in place of clothes! Are you kiddin’ me? Did you actually get so tired that spotting the difference between a baby and clothes became such a tough task? Ahem! Well, you aren’t the only one, as we guessed! Here we are with a bombastic list of

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Bizarre playhouses for kids

Kids imagination transcends beyond any defined edge. This makes them open and more experimental towards trying out anything which comes across them. Playhouses, one prime element of entertainment for kids, if presented in bizarre designs will delight them

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DIY 'green' kid project: Make your own robot

The Calabot robot is a unique DIY kid project completely made out of recycled cardboard. The robot pieces are all pre-cut and pre-punched, making the use of scissors unnecessary, with the assembled size measuring 21x16x9 inches. This is a great father and

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Articulation problem in toddlers: Easy to handle?

Articulation problem is a common phenomenon in majority of toddlers between the age group of two to five years. It is basically the toddler's own way of learning new words and vocabulary by repeating and muttering words and putting them together in a mean

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Caterpillar, duck, fish and fox: All in one

The Guillaumit table designs were created as demo pieces for Zebra 3 company during the Baignes Espinoa Expo in 2011 at Baignes in France. The French designer has ingeniously crafted this kind of furniture for children with the use of animal designs in bo

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