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Soothe baby to sleep: Why sing lullabies?

The world is developing at a very fast pace, but in our busy lives, we have forgot about the age old practice of singing lullabies to the babies. Increasingly, many mothers are putting their little ones to sleep without singing a lullaby to them. What the

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Trying to conceive? 10 Ovulating indicators

If you are trying to conceive, then you must know about the importance of ovulation. You must also realize that your efforts of getting pregnant are focused on a small window of time during which you ovulate. Ovulation is the process wherein a mature ovar

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Helicopter parenting, good or bad?

Helicopter parenting is nothing but too much of involvement of parents in their child’s life. It has both good and bad effects on your child’s life. Extreme is the word, if you are extremely involved in your child’s life it can have ill effects on h

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How does birth control work at Planned Parenthood?

I am thinking of going to Planned Parenthood to get on Birth control. But I was wondering if anyone know how exactly this would work. Would I have to pay for an exam? And if I do how much would it cost? I don’t want to use insurance. How do they get you

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What kind of food should I give my 3 month old baby?

I have no idea about the food which I should give my 3 month old baby. I have no one with me to advise me on the things which are good for 3 month old baby. I have seen some of the things on net but I am not too sure that will it work. I want to ask those

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DIY steps to diaper the baby

OverviewDiapering is a necessary task for any parent and most of them spend lots of their valuable time towards diapering their babies in the desired and proper manner. A baby can use more than 10 diapers a day and therefore it is very important for a par

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