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10 Sturdy Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Outdoor play has gained tremendous importance in the overall development of a toddler. Since there are many types of outdoor toys that can keep the toddlers occupied, parents should weigh the pros and cons before choosing an outdoor toy. There are various things such as space, safety, budget, age appropriateness and uniqueness that parents should consider before choosing the outdoor toy. It is important that along with the enjoyment factor that a toy gives to a toddler, he/she should get enough physical exercise which is so vital for the healthy growth of the toddler. Playing out also gives ample opportunity to socially interact with other kids which is quite missing these days. Toddlers get to learn multiple skills such as hand eye co-ordination, motor skills, sense of balance, climbing and other physical skills. Since toddlers will jump and climb it is wise to invest on a toy that is sturdy and safe. The money spent on an outdoor toy though a bit expensive should be safe, durable and should last long.

1. Play ‘N Ride Train
BRAND : Chicco
PRICE : USD 44.97

This is an award winning toy that is fun since the toddler can drag along. The kid can ride on this play train on a sturdy seat. It also comes with a storage space. The toy provides good grip on that handle at the back of the train. This enables the kids to push the train. The kid can honk the train with a push button and gets a rain of colorful balls which is sure to make the toddler happy and occupied. The train choos when the levers of this train are pulled.


The toy is very colorful with smooth rolling wide wheels and does not require batteries. The metallic built of the toys makes it safe for the kids.

The Play ‘N’ Ride Train comes with a grounded wheel base and a back rest which makes it a completely safe toy for your kids.

2. Water Rush Quarry
BRAND : Step2

The Water Rush Quarry is ideal for the age group of 3 and above kids. The multi-level design of this toy allows the water to cascade like a flowing river. The Water Rush Quarry has two sand play areas and comes with a working crane. Working crane is also available for interactive play. It has a car truck, tunnel and a ramp which helps in boosting the imagination of any toddler. This toy is ideal for boys as well as girls. The kit is made of sturdy material and makes it safe for the kids to play.


This kit is sure to bring sheer enjoyment to toddlers watching the water rush from top to bottom.

This toy kit comes in various colors and styles.

3. TOYMONSTER Eezy Peezy Toddler Bike

Your toddler can spend hours of fun on the Eezy Peezy Toddler Bike. This bike has sturdy wheels which makes it safe for the child. It helps the toddler to explore and discover numerous things on fun filled trips. This bike is designed ergonomically which promotes primary motor skill development. The trailer at the back of the bike lets the child carry all his favorite possessions with him during the bike trip. The picnic set allows children to get together and enjoy having tea party or a picnic.


Eezy Peezy Toddler Bike has a trailer that can be detached when not required.

The kit has a tea cup, saucer plate, fork and spoon.

4. Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center
BRAND : Step2

It is a perfect play table that combines water and sand together. The table has two sides for water and sand. It can hold up to 20 pounds of sand and two gallons of water. The kit looks quite adorable with its umbrella, bridges, pots, shovel and boats. There are elastic tie-downs to keep the lid secure. The umbrella in the kit provides shade for the kids at play. The leak-proof top and the natural looks of this kit are sure to entice any toddler and promises to give loads of fun and entertainment. It is portable and is an ideal outdoor toy.


Naturally Playful Sand & Water makes a great activity center proving endless hours of fun and enjoyment.

A nice outdoor area for the kids to experiment with sand and water together.

5. The Children’s Configurable Fort
PRICE : USD 199.95

Imagination is the only limit for the children who can create endless mazes, forts and tunnels with this Configurable Fort. It is quite easy to snap the panels together to quickly make a wall or an enclosure. These are vibrant colored panels that can be reinforced using attachment clips. These secure the panels in 90 or 180 degree segments. This ensures the sturdiness of the fort while the children are at play. Once it is time to pack up, these walls can be quickly separated and can be stacked into a zipper case. This kit is made of non-toxic material and makes it quite safe for the kids. This kit is ideal for kids aged 6 and above.


Configurable Fort maximizes the imagination and the innovative thinking in a child.

A very imaginative and creative toy structure, a wonderful thing for growing kids to have to enhance their creativity at an early age.
The panels can be easily attached and detached and are pretty colorful.

6. Mega Playland
BRAND : PlayHut

Toddlers are sure to have loads of entertainment and fun with this mega play tent. It can be configured with five different structures. It is quite easy to set it up and is light weight. This makes it portable and can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Kids can start playing basket play in this tent with the basketball hoop and the balls that comes as part of the kit. It is made of mesh, polyester and has nylon binding with a loop made of steel. It comes with one hut and includes small and large cubes. The balls can be carried in a mesh case.


Mega Playland promotes lots of physical activity making the kids crawl and explore.

Pop-up nylon structures are easy to assemble and provide a playful environment.

7. Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox
BRAND : Kidkraft

All kids love to play in water and sand. This innovative sandbox is much needed for children to unleash their creativity in building their favorite castles and other host of sand games. Parents can relax watching their kids play in sand without even stepping out of home. The corners of the sand box are wide enough to seat multiple children to have fun with sand. Mesh cover is provided to cover the sandbox when not in use. It is made of strong and durable materials thus making this toy truly smart and sturdy. The wooden panels of the box are reinforced to ensure prevention of weathering and warping.


Promotes motor skill and enhances creativity.

From a parent’s perspective, it’s providing a mini playground to the toddlers to play and create things on their own.
Beautifully constructed and ea
sy to assemble.

8. Tikes Town Playhouse
BRAND : Little Tikes

Toddlers will have loads of fun with this play house. It is a dream come true for many of the toddlers who wish to have their own house and play roles. This enhances skills of social interaction, creativity and pretend play. This playhouse is unique in having huge variety of themes for the children to try. The “Around the Town” themes come with four different walls to spark off imagination among the kids. The walls include sports wall, petrol station and bank wall among other walls making this piece a must-have for all the toddlers.


This interactive outdoor playhouse ignites creativity and imagination.

Gives a whole new playing and learning experience to the toddlers, a world of their own.
The playhouse can keep kids busy for a long time and sometimes dependent too.

9. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Garden Cart and Wheelbarrow
BRAND : Little Tikes
PRICE : USD 31.99

Make your toddler green conscious with this garden cart cum wheelbarrow toy. This toy can easily be converted from a wheelbarrow to a garden cart. The kids can learn the gardening concepts with this cute little garden cart. It has a sprayer that can water the plants. It also comes with a removable tray for the flower pots. This toy is made of durable and strong materials to make are safe and sturdy for the little ones. When the kids are tired of gardening, they can use the wheelbarrow to carry around their favorite things. This is a perfect outdoor toy but can be played indoors as well.

It triggers imagination and creativity of the child and teaches about gardening concepts.PROS
An outdoor toy with a lot of strength and playfulness.
The assembly of the toy does not take a lot of effort.

10. Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

Bring excitement into the world of your toddler with this sturdy Tree house. It has easy to climb steps and a slide which will sure make the kids squeal in delight. This Tree house boosts physical play as the children can play, slide, climb and play spy with this toy. The tree house has a high platform which makes it large and easy to climb for the children. The slide make speedy exits and offers protection with its roof. The tree house measures 66.5 inches in Length x 25 inches in Width x 57.5 inches in height.


It is ideal to be played indoors as well as outdoors. Easy to assemble and is low in maintenance.

It has a periscope that pivots up to 180 degrees.

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