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Medical Tourism Facilitator Training


Medical tourism facilitators are like medical tourism agencies and their important job is to act as intermediaries for the patients willing to involve in medical tourism. They are the organizers and need to support various services offered through medical tourism. They are the first point of contact for the patients, and they signify the complete medical tourism industry. They play an important role in creating an impression in the minds of the people and encouraging the growth of medical tourism.

With the increasing fame of medical tourism there are many companies who have jumped into this business. A facilitator company’s job comprises of providing various opportunities to the patients concerning the treatment or procedures they are looking for. Then they also have to work out the logistics regarding their travel, accommodation etc. They need to preserve associations with international patients, hospitals and other organizations. It is also essential that they have good, renowned and accredited hospitals on their list.

All this work needs a lot of understanding of the global healthcare business and so a training program is required. The professionals need to gain knowledge regarding healthcare business management, medical tourism, marketing management, customer relations, accreditation’s, laws and more.


Dr Prem and Associate Medical Tourism Consultancy Services

Dr Prem and associates based in 35+ countries provide comprehensive medial tourism consultancy services to governments, hospitals, clinics, health providers, facilitators and medical tourism stakeholders. Dr Prem and team have worked across the globe with over 150 international companies. Please contact us today for more details.

Medical Tourism Consultancy Services

  • Medical Tourism healthcare provider consultancy services
  • Medical Tourism Destination Branding Consultancy
  • Medical Tourism Relationship Management Services
  • International Patient Department and Quality of Care Consultancy Services

Medical Tourism Marketing Consultancy Services

  • Identifying, Segmenting and Targeting Potential Markets in Medical Tourism
  • Promotion services through wide network of websites, magazines and social connections
  • Medical Tourism Brand Building Services
  • Medical Tourism Knowledge Management Program.

Medical Tourism Web and Technology Services

  • Creation and development of Medical Tourism Driven websites
  • Medical Tourism Technology Development like Web app, mobile app
  • Medical Tourism SEO and Social Media Marketing Services
  • Medical Tourism Online Reputation Management Services

Medical Tourism Facilitator Consultancy Services

  • Comprehensive Medical Tourism Facilitator business planning services
  • Strategic Marketing and Relationship management services
  • Networking and Business expansion support
  • Understanding Legal, Cultural and Ethical Barriers in facilitator business
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