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Why email marketing is like selling Bibles


What is email marketing?

Communication is a vital part of our day to day lives and we literally cannot imagine a day without communication. With changing times the modes of communication have also evolved and have becomes much more convenient and advanced. Email or electronic mail is one such innovative, advanced and convenient mode of communication that is used by almost everybody now-a-days for fulfilling their personal and professional purposes. Emails are also great tools for marketing products and services of a business and hence you will find many business enterprises indulging themselves in email marketing.

Through email marketing a business can maintain healthy relationships with their existing clients plus also attract more potential clientele. People have different views regarding email marketing and some of them consider email marketing quite similar to the process of selling Bibles. Yes that might sound a bit odd but there are arguments to hold the statement so let us discuss those arguments to understand in a better manner.


What’s similar? Email marketing and selling Bibles

It is simpler to win over a spiritual person to buy a Holy Bible than convincing a non religious man to convert into a particular religion. It is a much obvious fact that a spiritual person will understand the importance of having a Bible and it will be an easy task to convincing him that it is you who have the best one but you will definitely have a hard time with a person who is not spiritual at all as he is far away from religion and the importance of Bible.

If we take the example of selling Bibles in the terms of marketing then we can say that it is much easy to sell a distinguished product in a being category then founding a whole new category for the people. Setting up a whole new category of products for the target audience will definitely call for double efforts and investment because you first need to convince the people that they require to have your product and when you are done with that you will have to make them understand that your products are the best bet they have. Although if a certain type of products are already introduced in the market by another brand, the only job left for you to do is to convince people that your products are way ahead of all the others in the market.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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