Marketing Guide


How to plan online monitoring

Online monitoring is the most vital part of any Public Relation and reputation management. However, you have to consider various ...

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Introduction to the cause and effects of the grey market

Due to an enormous growth in the marketing sector and due to the global market, the grey market has seen ...

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Understanding different types of Online Partners

An online partnership is a cooperative effort to achieve established goals. It is a long term as it can go ...

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Difference between grey market and black market

Due to the increase in the population, demands of people have also increased. As a result, this gave the opportunity ...

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Advertising Guide

Online Advertising_1

Understanding Online Advertising and its Types

Advertising is an essential part of marketing as it helps to promote any service or product. It makes the use ...

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Effective ways to build a business and prevent abuse

As people become aware, they tend to think and research at least once before choosing a particular brand. They know ...

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Ways to approach a potential partner

Online partners are very important as they help in building a brand and its image. It is the most vital ...

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Why advertising campaign testing is important for your business

Advertising campaign testing is used to learn which incorporated campaigns are effective and which are not. It is also tells ...

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Branding Guide

Increase Your RO

Increase Your ROI through Efficient Brand Management Practices

To gain expertise in your niche business, it is highly important to focus on effective brand management. If you prioritize ...

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web content

Protect your online content with branding

There would be many who have faced the situation where your original content or articles appeared on other websites without ...

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Brand Monitoring

Tools to use for better online brand monitoring

It is extremely important to keep monitoring your brand. While it is a little tough to do it offline, it ...

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How branding differ from digital branding

Nowadays, brand has grown to mean much more than a name and logo. However, the branding begins with the reliability ...

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Social Media Guide


Importance of social media marketing for your business

Social media has transformed the internet. Business owners quickly realized the potential power that social media held for marketing and ...

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How to grow your business with social media marketing

Today, social media marketing has emerged as a fantastic platform for the marketers where they get an opportunity to promote ...

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What businesses should do in social media marketing

Social media marketing is an art and with the right social media marketing solutions business owners can master it. This ...

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Important tips to build a B2B community on Facebook

Social networking site is a great tool for searching and reaching customers directly for many B2B companies. Many B2B companies ...

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Online Marketing Guide

Digital marketing techniques

Digital marketing: The tools and techniques

As the technology improves, it is also affecting the marketing techniques that businesses apply. Apart from traditional marketing practices, marketing ...

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online advertising

The need for online advertising, and the methods it follows

A company needs many things before embarking an online business. This requires important things to be in place to develop ...

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touch- tablet in hands

The role a digital marketing manager plays in an organization

Digital marketing managers usually focus on the practical applications and management of marketing operations of an organization. They should have ...

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Technology in the hands

Roles and responsibilities of an online marketing manager

For most of the online businesses, there is different importance of its managers but marketing manager is a vital part ...

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Campaign Management Guide


10 Tips to run your ad campaign effectively

To launch your own advertising campaign is not an easy job. Doing it all by oneself is a hard task. ...

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4 Golden Rules for Successful Ad Campaigns

  Smart advertising is a word which plays important role to promote any brand and sales for new products. Today ...

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Audi’s new ad campaign calls for intelligent roads and responsible driving

  Audi of America have announced a new campaign for a 2012 Audi A6 that puts emphasis on a highly ...

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Car safety ads: 5 favorites

  While we can never deny that the advancement of technology has broadened the horizon of possibilities we can hardly ...

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Print Media


10 Best print ads ever

Advertisements have always kept marketers and creative analysts on their foot. Globally renowned ads are supposed to fulfill the dual ...

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7 Magazine commercials that created an impact

    Advertisements are equivalent to vocal pictures and when depicted properly, they can have a mammoth impact on the ...

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10 Stunning fashion print adverts

    Designing print ads involves a lot of thought, imagination and planning. The ad has to be eye-catching to ...

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7 Most innovative minimal print commercials

Print advertisements designed by creative minds can project a strong meaning with just a few words and graphics. The designers ...

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