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Naughtiest 'Axe effect' commercials(videos)

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Escape…Axe-showered men, because all the women in the world are set to hunt you down sexually and devour you. well, the concept of Axe has always been ‘down-to-earth’, in a way. We have already seen that from those naught print axe print ads. here is the naughtiest TV ads for Axe that will make you laugh, frown at, or just wonder how a product demeans the other half of the mankind.

Here is a list of Naughtiest ‘axe effect’ commercials.

He wants to…fail

Have you seen that marvelous movie Perfume? Well, this ad makes me remember the last part of the movie. In this commercial, sexually hungry women are running from all corners to devour one man- the axe man. Oh, man, that is hell lot of woman. And still he is smiling. Still he is showering in Axe. Suicidal. Pleasurably suicidal. This will be one of the first commercials that will come to our mind when we think about Axe.

Axe may tempt your girlfriend to give a pat to the waiter’s butt

How does Axe make your girl friend to behave like a whore who taps other man’s butts, releasing amorous sounds. See this commercial and see how Axe creates ripples in relationships. So guys, better armed with axe. Or else men like that waiter will take advantage over you. Well, the woman’s expression and the sound are quite funny.

Axe effect- dentist office

Oh, helpless girl! What can she do other than yield to the powers of Axe and act hysterical? The dentist seems to be a bit confused at first, but later he adjusts with the reality of Axe’s power.

She steals a bit of sensuous touch

She is not the massage therapist. She is just a maid. She is stealing a quick touch on the axe-showered man before the massage therapist comes. If this is going to happen at places where axe-showered men visit, be it Dentists office or at the massage therapist’s, better the authorities be careful.

Girls fighting

An ugly fight for fragrance erupts between two girls. The demeaning portrayal of womanhood in an ‘Axe’ggerated way. These Girls fighting for axe man’s clothes are just symbols of the products treatment to women, in terms of advertising concept.

Axe elevator

There are actually several versions of this commercial. Here, the axe-man is having some unexpected pleasure at the elevator. The story is not over. The next one is a guy(gay)

Please don’t open the notebook completely, man

In this commercial for touch, the body spray from axe, everything the man touches make a corresponding impact on the women around him. He touches here, and it actually makes an impact on the girl on the other side and she is touched ‘there’. He opens a book, oh, here opens her-

The lady doctor

Lady Doctor loses her patience to control the axe effect and forgets that he is her patient.

Look, funny things are happening

Let them sing. But what happens amid this seemingly decent situation?

Lady forgets everything

The lady forgets everything, even the grandma in the wheelchair, and helplessly follows the axe-man

Call me…

Library. A girl is pretending to search for her lost mobile phone, in a sensuous way. She needs the man’s smell phone to find out hers. She makes a call from his cell phone, oh; hers was in her pocket! She hands over the phone to the man who gazes at the number. As he watches her in joy, she gestures gracefully -‘call me’

The Indonesian Axe effect

Man comes to the deli counter. The girl gets a whiff of the body spray. She artfully writes her phone number with tomato sauce while sensuously watching the puzzled guy. After handing over the spicy number, she gestures (what an expression)- ‘call me’

Sexually stinking axe-commercial

Axe, the wholesalers of male sex victory, presents another commercial which shows amorously horny ladies, bitten by the lust for an axe-showered man.

Like in every Axe ad effort, this commercial too is centered on the power of smell and the sexually fragile nature of (ladies) naughty noses. The first lady is proudly makes the other one to smell her finger.

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