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Sign up. save a life

Well, we have seen advertising efforts with meticulous manipulation of signatures. This print campaign too uses the same idea, but the positive thing is that it helps to convey the message- a great message. This print ad for Mercy Volunteer...

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Communication shutdown

Hope that this advertising initiative will be a success and reap the desired benefits. This advertising initiative aims to make awareness about autism and raise money for people who suffer from this. This initiative was taken by AEIOU, with...

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Kerala Tourism: Your moment is waiting

This promotional film for Kerala Tourism can be considered as a refreshing deviation from its usual line of communication. The promotional film titled ‘your moment is waiting’, whether you like it or not, is worth watching. Kochi based Stark.

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Most Googled celebrities of 2010

No surprise, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga tops the list of celebrity search mania. Google has released the list of its Most Googled celebrities of 2010, and there is not much surprises, except a few minor order variations in the list. With...

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Another banned Calvin Klein ad

Advertising is not new to this practice. Well, this is what this ad campaign for Calvin Klein jeans has done, and the controversial billboards displayed in Australia as part of its campaign has been banned by The Advertising Standards Bureau. The..

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Forest brings the extinct back to life

Photoshop do foolish things. But not always. sometimes, beautiful, impressive things too can be achieved in advertising with photoshop. This print campaign is a proof for this. The campaign has been developed by Monday, Bangkok, Thailand for Wild...

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Business cards which look like x-ray sheets

Edible business card. Interactive business card. Now, here is another example for an innovative business card design. This is for The University Veterinary Hospital in Israel which is known for its expert doctors in various fields. The business.

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This commercial gives you a wrinkled surprise

Expect a surprise so that you won’t be surprised at the end of this commercial. This commercial brings you to the Everest of visual indulgences, and suddenly lets you fall down to the deep fathom of desperation. This commercial is for Mrs...

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IG Motorrad: Minefield

This print campaign for IG Motorrad, developed by Euro RSCG, Zürich, Switzerland, points out to the possibility of dangers on roads in New Zealand. The board saying ‘Minefield’ has been shown in the ad to indicate the danger visually. The...

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