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Camouflaged vibrator ad, still erotic

Trojan, the Condom maker, has maintained ‘restraint’ in its new advertisement promoting its vibrator named- Tri-Phoria, in order to be acceptable to the cable network. Trojan has agreed to neither use the word “vibrator” nor show the product..

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Men are from bars, woman are from Mars

This is a ‘different’ advertising effort for Bavaria beer. The Dutch beer brand is promoting itself with a rather unusual and unexpected way. They are making a parody of the famous book‘- Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ They...

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You are what you touch.

We knew that. We are what we touch. Again, here is another such ad-vice- you are what you touch. This print ad for Sanitol antibacterial hand sanitizer has been developed by McCann Worldgroup, New Delhi, India. The ad shows a cute little girl who.

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Caught with a vodka bottle

Do you feel that this ad is too sexy? Yes? Why? There is no skin show. There are no bad words. Then, why ? well, some feels so. Indeed, some might feel it too naughty. I feel so. Might be my problem. This ad for Skyy vodka depicts a woman's legs...

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McDonald’s: Rescue for hungry people

Hunger is like a weak victim of injustice waiting to be rescued by a superman/Spiderman/any other superheroes. Well, here it is McDonald’s. No, there is no such great meaning . Hunger is a heavy word when used in a general context. What...

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Got a flat tire? Use this business card

Well, seems that more innovations are happening right now in business card design than in any other advertising medium. We have seen an edible business card. We have seen a business card with a lipstick mark. We have seen a Common business card for a.

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Suicide Prevention Office: You are not alone

Well, it is said that just before you are going to die, the whole memories of your entire lifetime will flash before your eyes. Indeed, we are not sure about the case of people who die suddenly. But, suppose the case of someone who is going to...

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Kontext Language School: Cinema Invitation

Advertising. good, bad, and ugly. Sex, love, hat, beauty. advertising consists of all these elements. And it includes pulling your legs, sometimes. Take this example of Kontext language school. With creative support of McCann Erickson, Belgrade,...

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A ‘bra’ kada ‘bra’

A bra which is more than a bra. Yes, its true. If you are thinking that a bra is only for holding the most powerful twin weapons, you are wrong, at least now. Here is news about the invention of a new bra, which doubles as a gas mask. This...

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