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The sport of fat admen is 'to create'!

We love to see agency self promo efforts, whether it’s about lopsided boobs or holy cows. Or even beheaded Santa at a Christmas time. The main reason for our interest in agency self promos are their brilliant/stupid humour . Most often them are...

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Get a dose of personality

Don’t follow the herd. Be different. Be a black sheep, if needed. But be different. This ad as part of the City of Nettuno shows a refreshing difference due to its slightly humorous creative approach and treatment. The print ad, developed by ..

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Adore: Spring 2010 campaign

Another advertising campaign which indirectly promotes anorexia. Those babes truly do not make my temperature boil or make me stand agape. This Spring 2010 campaign for Adore has been developed by Ceft and Company, New York, USA. The models are..

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Baby carrots vs. Junk food

Carrots mimicking junk food with a view to beat them. This is not a story from school books, but a real ongoing campaign. Bolthouse Farms and nearly 50 other carrot growers have unveiled a big marketing campaign to beat the junk food craze among kids.

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Let us examine her breasts, with love and respect

Boobs. The world of advertising often revolves around these powerful, beautiful and sometimes misleading assets of women. In an advertising scenario where even the most unrelated products try to make a ‘boobs connection’, is it natural that...

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Don’t poke your guerrilla nose into public life

Advertising sometimes becomes intrusive. We have seen many examples. They got unpunished often. But you can’t always get away with it. That is what this incident regarding the guerrilla marketing effort for Zynga, online gaming space, by agency...

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