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‘Drunken babies’ promote chocolates

We can confidently say that there is no better way to promote a chocolate with whisky range than this approach adopted in this campaign. The campaign, developed by Dentsu Latin America, promotes the chocolate from L’Univers de Chocolat,...

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Dandruff is not appetizing

And this advertising effort is also not appetizing. This marketing gimmick for the promotion of Pantene anti-dandruff product was centered on salt shakers. The salt shakers had image of a woman whose hair supposedly abodes dandruff. When the salt.

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LG promoting phone through a ‘novel way’

We have read about the phone with the name of an emoticon. That was also a way of promotion. Now here is a novel way of promotion from LG, with the creative help of Y&R Jakarta, Indonesia This print campaign for the GX200 phone features a Mystery.

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Cameras for perverts?

Dude, you are really going to miss a pair of something in these ads for Canon PowerShot D10 underwater camera, but you have been compensated with the clear visuals of the bottom asset scenes. The ads, developed by Leo Burnett & ARC Worldwide...

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Jesus statue not for PETA promotion

PETA is known for their (in)famous advertising tactics to get mass attention. They strips off celebrities and even housewives, and make them announce the message. Here is another such example for PETA’s publicity-hungry effort in vain. PETA...

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New Mobile: Introducing the :)

Well, I am not playing anything funny with the headline, truly, its quite matter-of-fact one. The curious news is that, get ready to smile with a whiff of wonder, a new mobile is set to be born in with the name of an emoticon. Being such a...

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