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Impressively meaningful and funny ad

Come as you are- the great McDonald’s always says. Because it is business, and nobody’s money is worthless. You are also invited, even if you are a gay. That was in France recently. And Orangina too followed suit. A sniper is also a customer..

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Two seconds to spot are two seconds too late

They may not be out-of-the-box. But we need them. Yes, the world needs such ads. Because in a world where violence and in justice still carry on with its macabre dance, every little voice against them is needed. This ad for The support centers union..

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The other side of controversy

If anyone thinks that the habit of banking on controversy to promote the products (or services)is infallible, you should also remember that in one unexpected day, a controversy can turn the things for the worst. Your brand reputation can be marred,...

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Music for your nostrils

Funny symbolism or using pun with the images? Whatever it is, this ad for FNAC Festa della musica is a humorously entertaining one. This is a noticeable work form Forchets, Milan Italy. The ad features a man who has been given first aid- But...

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It’s like stealing in the limelight

So, when this security camera is on, thieves will be stealing in the limelight! This is clever-This print campaign for Midea Security cameras, developed by Ogilvy, Shanghai, humorously conveys the message. The campaign shows different incidents...

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Be silent and admire this campaign!

Oh, it may not be so extraordinary. But this campaign for Bose Noise cancelling headphones is as interesting and luring as the idea of a Noise cancelling headphone, which will often be required in this world of insufferable cacophony. The...

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Orangina gay cat ad

Oh, are the gays becoming the hottest selling subject in advertising? Or, are gays becoming the hottest way to make some controversy and grab some eyeballs, even if it is negative? Whatever the situation, France is having its second gay-themed ad,...

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Ogilvy Mexico campaign, bitten by the Cannes Lions

Well, without much argument, this has been an impressive campaign, but the sad news is that the Cannes festival disqualified it because it had been entered in the award show last year. Ogilvy Mexico, the creative brain behind the campaign, gropes for.

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Baby, this is different billboard!

Most probably, this billboard will be the first of its kind. This LED billboard promoting a hospital displays live information about babies born at the advertised hospital. This uniquely creative advertising effort, developed by Boyden &...

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