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Billboard with Danny, the homeless

We have seen many advertising efforts to raise awareness about the pathetic situation of homeless people. This is also a billboard for a homelessness advocacy group, but this is different. The billboard has 'life', and it carries a ‘live’...

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Most of the Ads promoting books are very interesting. We have seen how pulp fiction books were promoted. We have seen how a new bloody dimension was added to creativity. Here, another campaign which belongs to the above mentioned genre for Mondadori..

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Opera ad comes with Coca Cola in stylish hands

Beautiful ideas come from beautiful minds. Well, this is a beautiful concept, if not out-of-the-box. The ad, developed by Ruth Advertising, Stockholm, announces- Opera. Now at movie theaters. The way it conveys this message is actually...

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Kids, beware of ads!

An ad for make believe brand of jeans(Image NY TIMES) Advertising is an undeniably sweet mess. Even if you don’t want to get into this mess, it will pull you into it like a dark hole, but in a sweet way. In this world of advertising where brands...

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A second chance for the ‘dead radio ads’

Well, it is a very sad thing to get your creative work rejected by those so-called creative heads. But, what can we do? We will just heave a creatively desperate sigh at the junk box and wail- oh this is it. This is how the cookie crumbles. But,..

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Know how to surf safe

We don’t know who is behind the beautiful avatar of online friendship. He may be a 'she', or she may be a 'he', chatting and cheating from the web of deceit. We have seen how a 15-year old Susan has been unzipped and revealed her 'his...

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Energize your mind

Well, your mind can do wonders. It can bend a spoon or make a compass turn in quirky angles. Men and women with psychic power do that. You too can do so. But you should have Durol! This print campaign, developed by Publicis, Jakarta, banks on a...

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Fight for your ideas

Agency self promos are supposed to be different, fresh and something which shows their mettle, the stuff or the creative balls of that agency. We have seen so many of them. Instead of balls, DDB once showed us lopsided boobs. And one agency bored us..

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Connect Furniture: virtual shoppers

Perhaps eying on the buzz around the recent Avatar movie, this campaign for New retailing venture Connect Furniture features avatars visiting its online site. The campaign, developed by George Patterson Y&R, aims to promote the online store...

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