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15 Hilarious print advertisements

Sex sells. But sometimes it makes your brand image distorted. But, humor sells better in decent and sometimes in deceptive ways. There is a third scenario- when sex and humor are mixed together. Well, that can be healthy, poisonous or both for the...

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Big movies in mobile size

Advertising initiatives from Vodafone have always grabbed our attention either by its creativity or the different treatment. The zoozoo mania still goes on, though with the second innings came with a ban. Here is another beautifully executed print...

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A campaign against male Domestic Violence

We have seen many campaigns against domestic violence. In all those advertising initiatives, women or children were presented as the victims of domestic violence. However, in this new campaign, there is a queer change. A new campaign has been...

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She’s only with him for his biscuits

Like some money-hungry babes, she’s only with him for his biscuits. This print campaign for the pet food developed by CLM BBDO features amorously selfish bitches (in literal, non-slang use) fooling around Dogs only for biscuits. This ostensibly.

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Adam Extra long condoms

This is… Wait minute. Let me have a long good. OK, this is such a bizarrely entertaining print campaign by Publicis India for Adam brand large condoms (a product of Indian pharmaceutical company Morepen Laboratories Limited). If the term...

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Don’t abandon your pets

This advertising initiative for Sao Paulo City Hall, unlike Peta, does not use erotic imagery for the cause of animals. The advertising campaign, developed by NovaS/B, Sao Paulo, depicts the plight of abandoned pets through symbolic means. In one.

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Agencies, blow your own trumpets; with care

There is nothing wrong with an agency trying to promote itself. Some kind of uneasiness arises when an agency exhibits pompousness in this effort. Do you remember how an agency made a self-promo through holy cows, ridiculing the traditional norms...

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Is having sex at a library a great idea?

This is an ad for coffee. But what we can predominantly see is scattered things like bra, shoes and socks in a library that suggest a hurriedly propagated steamy hanky-panky somewhere behind the bookshelves. Coffee is hot. This ad is hot, but too hot.

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Spread the fragrance of support for the blind

A Novel way to show your support to the blind. Buy support scent, which has been specially designed for the vision impaired to sense. This advertisement beautifully demonstrates how this token of support makes a refreshing change in the lives of...

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