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Porn video! Keep your eyes on the road

Someone who is aesthetically hot had allegedly hacked the electronic highway billboard in downtown Moscow and offered drivers a 2-minute-long pornographic surprise. Well, late-night traffic on one of the Russian capital roads slowed when the...

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Kinokuniya book store: before and after

This interestingly humorous print campaign for Kinokuniya book store features their customized services for any kind of reader. The campaign, developed by Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta, features three persons who benefited (indeed, in one case the term is..

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Fart-filled commercial from Career builder

Previously too, we sheepishly discussed about the aesthetic approach to fart in advertising. Now, here is another obvious one, from career builder. The fart-filled commercial features the plight of a woman at a workplace who sits between two male..

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Animal circuses, don’t be part of the show

This print campaign for LDPA effectively throws a sarcastic criticism at the insensitive social psyche which does not care about the sad plight of circus animals. The campaign is worth attention owing to its strong, effective copy. Roll up,...

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Boogeyman logs on to monster

In this new spot for monster.com, though the usual humor element is found missing, the advertisers succeeds to convey the message interestingly. The spot, developed by BBDO, features a miscast Boogeyman who fails in his job miserably. At last, he.

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Leonardo’s girlfriend reveals her true color

No, it’s not figurative, I mean it literally. Bar Refaeli, who is said to be the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, has revealed her ‘true color’ to the public through a new advertising campaign for sportswear brand Rampage. The 24-year-old...

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Goodnites: visualizing a subtle concept

Now, this is what we can describe as the actualization of a subtle concept by the grace of an amazingly creative art-direction. The campaign for Huggies Good-Nites shows that kids can live out their nighttime bathroom dreams worry-free. Bedwetting.

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Embrace life campaign

In a moving campaign aimed at the issue of wearing seat belts, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) in the UK has launched a cinema commercial “Embrace Life”. The commercial features a family in a living room acting out a dangerous driving...

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Campaign not so refreshing

Ok. Agreed. Ecomist refreshes the air. But no way to agree that this campaign for Ecomist is as refreshing as the products. This print campaign, developed by Y&R Johannesburg, features flowers made of fish, cigarettes and...

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