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How to deal with Type ‘A’ personality

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by your Type 'A' personality traits or do you have lot of trouble in dealing a person with Type 'A' personality? If yes, then you must try these strategies to deal with Type 'A' personality.

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by your Type ‘A’ personality traits or do you have lot of trouble in dealing a person with Type ‘A’ personality? If yes, then you must try these strategies to deal with Type ‘A’ personality.

Know about Type ‘A’

If you have ever been recognized as Type ‘A’ personality, or you have someone who has a Type ‘A’ personality, then you must first know the characteristics of this personality type to deal with it effectively. Type ‘A’ personality is a term coined by Friedman and Rosennen which is used to define a person who tries to operate at his maximum possible speed. People with Type ‘A’ personality wish to achieve a big goal. They don’t have any personality disorder, but they tend to develop an exaggerated sense of time urgency and are extremely competitive. They may in fact appear like hardcore bully. They try to multitask a lot and attempt to overpower others. Their nature makes them extremely prone to stress and lifestyle related disorders like diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer.

Change your thought pattern

A person with Type ‘A’ personality can have a very stressful life because s/he can be worrisome by nature. So, the first way to deal with your personality type is to change your thought patterns. This can be a little difficult, but you can always try and alter your thinking patterns into positive ones. For this, you need to believe more in yourself and others so that you can soften your personality’s aggressive and worrisome tendencies. You can develop this thinking style like a habit. Make sure that you start to face your fears, whether in personal life or in professional life. At the same time, you must write your solutions for a particular problem. Now, instead of being obsessed and fiddling with situations in your head, you must write it on a piece of paper.

Try yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation can help you deal with your aggression and heavy competitiveness which can lower your stress levels. If you are person with a Type ‘A’ personality, then you must try breathing exercises that are a great stress reliever. Meditate for 10 minutes each day and you will notice the difference. It will make you more creative and stress free. Meditation will also give you an opportunity to deal with your problems more effectively. If you feel angry and are about to scream, then take deep breaths and start counting backwards from 100. This way you will feel less angry and stress free.

Make time for your loved ones

Finding time for yourself can be very difficult. If you have a Type ‘A’ personality then there is a chance that you are a workaholic whose family may be suffering due to their lack of time. So, try to make time for your loved ones. Loving others can help you deal with your Type ‘A’ characteristics. So, find time for your family and spouse, play with your pets and plan a holiday. This will rejuvenate your mind and will help you overcome your competitiveness and aggressive nature. Remember that Type ‘A’ just refers to a person’s way of dealing with things and situations. So, you can always change the way in which you can deal with your personality traits.

Effective approaches

If you have to deal with a person with Type ‘A’ personality, you need to develop some strategies to deal with the person. Firstly, communicate well with a Type ‘A’ personality. Most of the people don’t even know that they have Type ‘A’ personality characteristics. If you are surrounded by someone with Type ‘A’ personality at workplace, then you can try manipulative ways to deal with such a person. Do your research about the traits of person with Type ‘A’ personality and make suggestions to the person to help them relax. People with Type ‘A’ personality may appear as too intimidating, but in reality, most of them have a hard shell outside the soft personality traits. So, dealing gently with the situation can help you deal with Type ‘A’ personality.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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