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How to deal with troubled children

Every parent desires to see his or her child growing up in a well behaved manner. However, when a child shows any irrational or bothersome attitude, it becomes a cause of concern for the parents. But, parents can access the root cause of their child's tro

Every parent desires to see his or her child growing up in a well behaved manner. However, when a child shows any irrational or bothersome attitude, it becomes a cause of concern for the parents. But, parents can access the root cause of their child’s troubled behavior and find alternative means to solve the overall problem.

Consider your child’s feelings

A child might be undergoing a trauma, guilt, insecurity or difficulty in expressing his or her feelings. Ignoring the child’s feelings can only worsen the situation to show more bothersome behavior. Thus, it becomes important for every parent to honor the feelings and emotions of their child, especially at the time when a child is undergoing the stage of abuse, violence or crisis. Parents must also be able to show their unconditional love to their child even when they tend to disagree to their child’s indifferent reactions. Many physicians believe that showing an unconditional love can positively eradicate any inbuilt lower self esteem or self image of a child.

Get your child involved in household work

Parents can divert their child’s mind to household rules and chores. This will help the child to concentrate on some meaningful work rather than brooding over with their inbuilt insecurities and guilt that becomes a root cause of their irrational behavior. In addition to this, parents can also offer allowances or gifts to their child in return for the work done by them. This can definitely encourage the child to concentrate and work more efficiently on the assigned task.

Acquire child education and enforce rules

Parents can educate themselves by meeting the child counselors, teachers or reading published books on child development and behavioral patterns. This makes parents stronger to face difficult issues like change in behavior, sexuality, peer pressure, body image and insecurities in their child.

Parents must also be able to enforce rules on their child accompanied with penalties. They can set limitations or boundaries for their child by giving them certain instructions on regular basis. In case when the instructions are not followed by the child, parents can then impose certain penalties like stopping them from playing indoor or outdoor games, watching movies or cartoons etc. This will make every child avoid repeating any troublesome behavior.

Avoid taking any stern actions; have an open discussion with your child

A troublesome behavior of a child is always a serious cause of concern for every parent. However, it is always advisable to spare the rod and avoid taking any stern actions against a child, especially when the parents are involved in solving some complicated issues like drugs or sex.

Parents must know how to trust their instincts especially when their child is influenced from an outside group. The possible cause of a child anger or mood swings may be either alcohol or drugs. At this crucial stage, it becomes a core responsibility of every parent to trust their child and get involved in an open and honest discussion with their child.

Seek support from professionals and religious organizations

Parents can also seek a professional counseling, advice or help to talk to their child when they are themselves unable to have any open discussion with their child. A child might be open and comfortable with a particular person rather than his or her own parents. Parents can avail an outside counseling to get to the root cause of their child’s worrisome behavior.

Many religious and spiritual organizations intervene in offering child counseling and advice to both parents and their child at the time of need. Parents can talk to the spiritual leaders of this organization regarding their child’s behavior and get different solutions from them. This will also help a child grow up as a good human being and respect his or her religious faith and sentiments in future.

Parents can also take the initiative to talk to other parents who are facing the similar problem with their troubled children. The joint discussions, shared experiences and using different techniques can bring in fruitful results at the end. Parents can also consult their physician and treat any medical cause behind their child’s irrational behavior.

There are many reasons behind the child’s troublesome behavior. It becomes a primary duty of every parent to access the root cause or reason behind their child behavior and find an appropriate solution so as to create harmony and happiness in their family and house. Only this can help a child come out of his or her troubled behavior and have a positive future ahead.

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