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Eternal Hollywood Love Stories

couple in love

Divorce rates are high and split ups happen every other day in the Wild Wild West. Yet, in spite of it all, there are some couples who entirely defy the rules. Hollywood onscreen has some real cute love stories and ...

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Tips to keeping a man madly in love

Man carrying woman on beach

So you really love him, but you are not sure if he’ll stay forever with you but you really want him to stay? Don’t you? He is like a whole world to you and now you can’t imagine living without ...

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Breathe new love into your relationship

Couple in love

You have been married just a few years but you feel like it’s been a long time. You don’t feel that spark anymore in the relationship. That passion, that intimacy that was there in the beginning, you don’t feel it ...

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Making a long-distance relationship work

couple video chating

Long distance relationships are certainly risky, and in the event that you are disastrous enough to be far from your partner, the possibility of conceivably destroying your relationship can appear overwhelming. Only in light of the fact that long distance ...

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