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How to deal with a dysfunctional family


Individuals from dysfunctional families have trouble experiencing a sense of belonging and self worth in their daily lives. They find themselves repeatedly drawn into self-defeating and self-destructive patterns of behavior, without being able to unders

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How to deal with a narcissistic child


Narcissistic character in terms of psychology is the one who is self absorbed. It is very important to properly deal with a narcissistic child as it is easy to rectify this behavior in younger ages. Narcissistic people have an urge of power, recognition a

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How to deal with the terrible twos

A child undergoes many stages of development – physical, emotional and mental. ‘Terrible Twos’ is a stage when toddlers display increased need to be independent. This includes making both rational and unreasonable choices. Here are some ways to de

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How to deal with competitive people

Healthy competitions are always beneficial. In fact, competitions will let you know your own strengths and weaknesses. However, you may find it quite hard to work peacefully, if you are surrounded by competitive people. Here are a few techniques to deal w

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