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Lovely logics that make life blissful

blissful life

Very few human beings feel the contentment for long in their lives, as some or the other thing crops up that makes them sad or leaves them craving for something they do not have. To have a strong desire for ...

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Break Ups make you wiser not weak

love and relationship breakup

Break ups are hard, and sometimes so powerful that they put one’s life completely out of track. A breakup leaves people with self-doubts and low self-esteem, as they start blaming them and find faults in themselves. However, it should not ...

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See if you are addicted to love

Romantic couple relaxing and embracing on the beach

Love is an assortment of distinctive emotions, states, and demeanor that runs from interpersonal affection to joy. It can allude to a feeling of a solid fascination and individual connection. It can likewise be a righteousness speaking to human thoughtfulness, ...

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10 Simple Quotes About Life

life quote

10 Simple Life Quotes For A Happier Life Below we have compiled a list of life quotes and affirmations that we can all do to live happier lives. Life Quote #1. Be good, be smart, act well, and make yourself ...

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Live Life Guide by Dr Prem 

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