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How to deal with separation anxiety in relationships

There is no drugstore remedy for separation anxiety disorder as it is the outcome of extreme mental attachment of the sufferer with another person. Hence, only way to cope with the same is to create confidence by adopting various measures.

Practice alienation

Separation anxiety becomes more evident in relationships where the persons share major parts of their day together with each other. Thus, the slightest instance of desertion makes the individual suffering from separation anxiety more lonely and morose.

Whether necessary or not, it is extremely crucial to stay away from each other for at least sometimes in a day. These temporary moments of alienation will never act detrimental in a relationship. Rather, the feeling of anxiety and trauma arising out of separation will never become evident if such temporary separations are practiced often. With regular practice of temporary alienation the sufferer will develop self confidence to survive alone in a situation. This rule should be equally applied for adults as well as children.

Avoid temptating sufferers

People who suffer from separation anxiety are often given tempting gifts when the family members return back. This makes them physiologically sicker and they misunderstand such gifts as bribes.

Avoid giving gifts every time you return back to the sufferer after a spell of separation. This measure acts as one of the best ways to prevent separation anxiety come to the fore front. Every time you give gifts after returning back the sufferers become even more alert. He/she starts believing that there is definitely some risk involved in staying alone. This is the only reason the victim is given gifts every time. The victim misunderstands such gifts as bribe for succeeding in staying alone. Consequently, the sufferer becomes even more panicked on occasions of separation. So, gifting acts negatively in such situations.

Avoid total isolation

Total isolation is not recommended in the primary stages. They can become extremely traumatized and frightened. In unfortunate cases it can bring about health complications too.

It is important to realize that separation anxiety is a psychological disorder. It is fully curable. But it is important to realize that the people around the sufferer must be careful. It is extremely detrimental to leave the sufferer all alone in a house or anywhere else in the primary stages. Rather, it is logical to keep the victim under careful vigilance of a trustworthy individual. This way extreme case of trauma can be handled in time.

Take quick departure

The people closer to the sufferer of separation anxiety often make unreasonable delay in departing. They continue to fiddle unnecessarily with the sufferer before final departure.

Psychotherapists and psychologists consider that it is an extremely faulty practice to make unnecessary delay in departure when you are in presence of a victim of separation anxiety. This delay gives an impression in the mind of the victim that you too are in a dichotomy of thought whether the victim must be left alone or not. The victim thus starts apprehending that there is definitely something that is grave and worth worrying about. The victim even thinks that this obstacle might be life threatening and extremely scary. But, you do not wish to reveal that straightaway. Consequently, such false notions created in the mind of the victim make him/her even shakier. It also sets a blow to the sufferer’s confidence. So, it is always advisable to inform the victim and take a quick departure.

Go for medical counseling

Most of the times, separation anxiety is overlooked as a disease. Thus, the patients are not given any medical counseling. This deteriorates their conditions further. Gradually, they become mentally shattered due to this constant separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is as grave as any other psychological disorders. Although it emerges from extreme attachment with a person but sometimes it becomes difficult to handle in the secondary stage. In most of the cases slight behavioral changes cure the problem. But, in some extreme cases the situations become beyond control. The sufferer becomes destructive when he or she is alienated from the person to whom he or she is extremely attached. This situation should be handled medically otherwise it will deteriorate further.

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