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Being romantic is intricate work. So is defining the word romance. To say that romance is showing you care sounds good at first but not all things that could be bundled under this qualify as romance. One way to describe romance in a succinct manner is “what women want out of a relationship”. So if you are a woman, it goes without saying that you were born with an innate knowledge of this stuff and expect certain things from your romantic partner. However, if you are a man it is safe to say that you are not inherently romantic, which is why you may find this guide useful in unearthing all those thing that women are expecting from you.

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With a plethora of activities and things that are considered romantic, it can be hard to keep track of them. Therefore, it would be wiser to bear in mind some of the most glaring things that are not romantic to avoid any pitfalls. High powered rifles are not romantic. Science fiction and high-tech gadgets neither. Without any doubt, hearts are romantic and they always will be. Background music, the color red and chocolate, are bankable ways of evoking a romantic response. The rest as they say, is up to the woman you love.

Romance while chatting!!!

Woman With Heart Shape And Laptop

Now a days, it has become a fashion to do romance while chatting. Here, romance means lots of kisses and hugs sending through emoticons. It is a new way to express to our love towards our partner. Today every one ...

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Ideas to keep your boyfriend happy

Portrait of couple in love

Searching for way to keep your boyfriend satisfied? Actually, that is a truly sweet gesture. When it’s all said and done, a standout amongst the most critical parts of a relationship is the capability for both partners to search for ...

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How to Handle an Office Romance?

Office Romance

There are millions of ways of falling in love and one of the most common places where people fall for each other is in the office. This is treacherous because you need to work and maintain a relationship with everyone ...

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A Wonderful Valentine’s Day

Couple Spending Time Together

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Some singles feel sad on this day while the couples have to go through the pain of making it special for their loved ones. There are ways of doing this ...

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