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What does it take for a romantic relationship to turn into unconditional love? More than anything else, it takes two individuals who like each other, who honestly want to be together and work on the relationship with genuineness and relentless determination. Good communication is the key because the initial trust may be based on infatuation and physical attraction alone and it takes a short while to become agitated if the conditions change overtime.

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Showing affection goes a long way too. Making your partner aware that you are thankful for the special treatment will reinforce the bonds of love as time goes by. As long as you can, try to understand and accept your partner’s obligations and requirements. Trying to change their bad habits is one thing but constant nagging will only push them further and turn the relationship sour.
We must realize that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes once in a while. This includes us too, so a heartfelt apology should not be such a big deal if we’ve hurt someone, even if it was unintentional. Being realistic about our expectations and shortcomings also helps. It keep us grounded to the truth and gives us inner peace. A relationship needs a lot to thrive and giving it everything we’ve got, is a loving gesture.

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