Love and Sex Guide


Investigating the relationship between sex and love

Sex and love are among the most widely controversial subjects discussed in the past decades. One’s viewpoint towards how these ...

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Why married sex can be exciting

As opposed to what many individuals, especially unmarried ones, would like to believe, married sex can be fantastic. It has ...

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love and sex

When love and sex lead to misery in marriage

Love and sex, both are beautiful emotions felt by everyone at least once in their lives. Both of them are ...

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How to know your lover before you jump into the bed

You may ask is it possible to find what kind of lover your lover is before jumping into the sheets. ...

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Love Guide

confess love

How to Confess your Love?

So, you are madly in love with a certain someone and they have no idea about it. They give signs ...

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How to Figure Out if you are in Love?

Love is an eternal bliss and the feeling of love is something everyone wants to go through at least once ...

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valentine couple

Valentine’s Day Ideas

A Brief History of the Day How did Valentine Day come back to mean the foremost romantic holiday? Well, St. ...

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Help your man get over fear of getting hurt and enjoy a fulfilling relationship

Help your man get over fear of getting hurt and enjoy a fulfilling relationship

Every human being is afraid of getting hurt. This instinct greatly extends within relationships and love. Emotional pain is one ...

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Love and Relationships Guide

Healthy Relationship

What is a Healthy Relationship?

The Story of Brian and Sarah Brian and Sarah got married. For the primary few months, the married woman appeared ...

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love committment

Tactically handle someone who is afraid to commit

Progress is paramount in any institution. Most importantly, it is principal in any relationship. One of the biggest indicators of ...

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married couple

Breathe new love into your relationship

You have been married just a few years but you feel like it’s been a long time. You don’t feel ...

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couple video chating

Making a long-distance relationship work

Long distance relationships are certainly risky, and in the event that you are disastrous enough to be far from your ...

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Teenage Love Guide


Ways of making a man fall in love with you

Falling in love is mostly a mutual social responsibility where both partners feel attraction towards each other. Mostly, it’s the ...

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How to deal with difficult students

A difficult student can exhibit various behaviors which can disrupt your classroom and even your own mindset. The acts like having food while class is going on, trying to attain the teacher’s or instructor’s attention by talking loudly or questioning

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How to deal with problems of students

The student life is meant to be full of fun, excitement and joy. However, students do face various problems in their lives while they are in their studying phase. Here are some tips to deal with such problems effectively.

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How to deal with bullies in the classroom

Bullying is a problem that affects millions of school-going children who are at their receiving end. This is something that cannot be easily detected by adults, teachers and parents. Bullying can have harmful consequences. Here are some ways which can

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Love and Business

How to deal with colleagues

Wherever people are working together, it is certain that problems will arise from time to time. In most of the cases, work stress and burnout are responsible for the majority of conflicts. These conflicts will certainly affect your performance and efficie

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How to deal with an angry customer

Even if your company makes great products or provides great services, there is possibility that some instances might occur when a customer gets angry. It is important to learn how to handle an angry customer. If you can calm him down, you can retain him a

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How to deal with complaining employees

Employees who complain constantly not only waste their time, but the precious time and energy of their co-workers and bosses. Therefore, being a boss or a co-worker, you must be ready with some strategies to deal with such employees and elicit the desired

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couple going office

Divide work fairly in your business-love relationship

Being in a business relationship with your sweetheart can be joyful and filling or overly frustrating. It can be either, ...

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Behavior and Emotions

How to deal with difficult women

Dealing with a difficult women can be very intimidating. They can be too strong headed, overly aggressive, ultra sensitive or overconfident. By using these simple strategies, men can deal with difficult women to make their lives more beautiful and happier

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How to deal with your acting up teenager

It is a known fact that dealing with teenagers is becoming quite challenging in today’s time. However, one can take specific steps in order to rectify any issues and lead a happier life with the child.

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How to deal with selfish people

Selfish people think of nobody else but themselves. Their whole life revolves around themselves. They believe only in their own benefit, even if it means harming others. Dealing with such people can be very difficult. However, if you need to adjust with s

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How to deal with family problems

Whether you are family through blood relation or through marriage, you are certainly going to have problems every once in a while. Different approaches are required for different problems, but the tips given here can provide you a perspective on how to be

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