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Breakup of a couple with bad guy and sad girlfriend

Watching your love go out of your life and what could have changed it

Everything seems to change when you are in love. Life seems like an open road and you feel as if ...

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withdrawal among men (3)

The tendency of withdrawal among men

There comes a stage in intimate relationships when men show a tendency to withdrawal. Even after giving their best, the ...

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Portrait of attractive young couple.

Questions that help you understand each other on first date

If you go on a date with someone who seems to be a perfect match to be the love of ...

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Happy caucasian couple

Set a platform for a second date on your first date itself

There are no rules to live life since life often gives you what you desire the most. Most people would ...

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Sexy couple on the beach

It is not your height but the love you have in your heart that matters

Love certainly comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are one of those, who always wish they were a ...

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second date

Say “yes” to second date to know their true selves

It is certainly hard to decide whether you should date a person again or not on your first date. Most ...

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Relationship difficulties. Depressed young woman keeping arms cr

How to know if your partner’s heart is still with his/her ex

Nothings could be worse than the fact that the person you love more than your life is lost in thoughts ...

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happy beautiful couple on nature

Perk up the excitement in your love life to make it memorable

With time, relationships loose the charm and excitement. You feel that you know your partner like the back of your ...

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Love and Sex Guide

Young couple having sex

Investigating the relationship between sex and love

Sex and love are among the most widely controversial subjects discussed in the past decades. One’s viewpoint towards how these ...

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couple in love relatioship (3)

Facts everybody having a love and sex life should know

Everybody has their own love and a sex life, but still one is always curious to know about other’s love ...

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Young attractive caucasian couple flirting on wooden deck with flowers

Sex, love, and the connection between sexuality and spirituality

Accept it or not, there is a solid association between spirituality and sexuality. Both bring joy and are not totally ...

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better love and sex life

Your guide for a better love and sex life

Sex is something that everybody enjoys, but people shirk talking about it. Sometimes partners fail to realize that their mutual ...

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Love Tips

special day

The Science of Cold Feet — And How to Keep Your Toes Warm on Your Wedding Day

Popular culture is filled with instances when cold feet are a cause for hilarity and romance. Matthew McConaughey loses his ...

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Be patient for love

Be patient for love and let it come to you

Sometimes we hear people say or we read in books that one finds love the moment they stop searching it ...

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emotionally complex woman  (5)

Why an emotionally complex woman makes a better partner

An emotionally complex woman attracts a great deal of attention; most of it is negative though. As many believe, they ...

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break up in couple

Rekindling the love after a breakup

One sure thing about breakup is the hurt and pain one goes through. Spending so many years together and then ...

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Love and Relationships Guide

withdrawal among men (3)

The tendency of withdrawal among men

There comes a stage in intimate relationships when men show a tendency to withdrawal. Even after giving their best, the ...

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Young outdoor fashion portrait of beautiful couple on vacation

Like-mindedness and chemistry give a smooth ride to your love life

The similarities in lifestyle and values make partners a perfect match for each other. Compatibility is an important factor that ...

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Good or bad lies (5)

Good or bad lies that may affect your marriage and the role of society

Those who say that lies actually take your life in a wrong direction must acknowledge the fact that sometimes a ...

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Problems in relationships

Helpful tips for resolving differences with your soul mate

Intimate relationships are strange. Sometimes you feel so much love for your partner that your life seems almost perfect, while ...

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help your love

Effective tips to help your love get over his/her ex

Sometimes it is hard to make up your mind, let alone moving on with options with you. Managing relationships is ...

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Young couple onboard the yacht during a vacation

Build a perfect relationship: Effective tips to make your partner do what you want

It is important to add a new spark to your relationship from time to time and make your partner feel ...

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Young couple loving vacation

A true soul mate will not demand you to change yourself

People often make many sacrifices so that they could fit into the frame of a perfect partner. Even if their ...

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Sharing an intimate moment of romance

6 Reasons relationship seems to be a lot of hard work

Relationships give you a reason to be happy and to come back home with a smile on your face. However, ...

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Teenage Love Guide

teenage relationship

Should parents limit teen relationships

Teenage is a very enjoyable, joyous, and a conflicted age. It is joyous and enjoyable, as many things happen to ...

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couple in love relatioship (4)

Tips to make a platonic relationship work

Can a girl and boy be just friends? This one question comes in the mind of many people and often ...

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teenage love_1

Having a solid, committed relationship as a teenager

Weather teenagers can have serious relationships is a highly debated topic and as a result, some people believe that yes ...

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couple break heart

How to Handle a Teenage Breakup

Teenage is indeed one of the most critical stages in one’s life. A teenager is over sensitive, innocent, immature, and ...

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