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How to deal with overprotective parents

It is very obvious for all the parents to be protective toward their kids. However, this behavior sometimes leads to an overprotective nature, which can cause problems in relationships. Here are some ways to deal with overprotective parents.

It is very obvious for all the parents to be protective toward their kids. However, this behavior sometimes leads to an overprotective nature, which can cause problems in relationships. Here are some ways to deal with overprotective parents.

Communicate well with your parents

Communication is the key to a good relationship. Tell your parents about your views and ask them how they feel about it. Talk to each other about different topics. This will enable you to know each other better and develop a stronger relationship, and thus a more trust. It is possible that you might feel uncomfortable for the first few times, but soon you will get used to communicating more. However, always pay attention about when and what are you talking about. Little efforts of yours can surely help in changing the overprotective nature of your parents.

Compromise and adjust with your parents

You cannot totally change the way your parents behave. Fighting over every single issue can only add bitterness. Therefore, the best solution is to compromise with the situation. Discuss the matter calmly with your parents and settle for something in between, like assure them that you will keep them informed about yourself by calling them often. You can also carry a mobile or give the phone number of the friends you are going along with. This way your parents will have peace of mind and they can actually allow you to enjoy some freedom.


Be responsible

People always trust a person who is responsible and handles every situation in a matured way. So, if you think you have grown up and should be given more freedom, start behaving like a responsible person. Make your parents happy by taking care of small things like cleaning your own room, making your bed, taking care of your younger siblings, helping your mom with household work, etc. Your parents will slowly realize that you are no longer a kid and can tackle difficult matters with wit and intelligence. Gradually, as the trust of your parents become strong, they will stop being overprotective.

Introduce your friends to your parents

It is no use blaming your parents for guarding you always. You have to find out other ways to deal with their behavior. If you love spending time with your friends and want to hang out with them alone, why not introduce them to your parents first? Let your parents meet your friends. Once they get to know about the nature and behavior of the friends you are going out with, they will perhaps be more relaxed. However, before you plan a meeting of your friends with your parents, make sure to groom them properly. Ask them to behave decently so that your parents develop a positive impression toward them.

Be patient

You cannot expect your parents to change all of a sudden. Arguments and fights will not help either. Therefore, have patience and make little efforts in order to change the nature of your parents. Trust can only be developed slowly. Do not take unnecessary advantage if your parents give you the freedom. Be sure to always stick to your words so that your parents realize that you have actually become responsible and they no longer need to guard you all the time. Make them realize that you are a grown up and can take care of yourself. This will slowly solve the problem of your parents being overprotective.


Do little things to please your parents

The overprotective nature of your parents is not because they are cruel, but because they love you and care for you. Therefore, you need to gain their confidence. For this, you have make them happy by doing little special things for them, like giving them small gifts, helping them, supporting them when they need, studying better, cooking something special for them, having dinner with them, etc. By doing this, you will not only develop more trust, but also make your relationship stronger. When parents are happy with their children, they often let them enjoy much more freedom even without asking for it.


Listen to your parents

Your parents have a lot more experience than you do. They know to tackle a situation in a much better way. Therefore, it is often useful if you listen to them. Discuss your doubts and take their advice. It is possible that you might not like it at that particular moment, but you will certainly realize some day that their advice kept you safe and happy all along. So, think twice before you ignore your parents’ words. You might be wrong because of the lack of experience and knowledge. Never blame your parents without knowing what is good for you. Respect their words.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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