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How to deal with overbearing people

The presence of overbearing people might make you uncomfortable in your every move. Though, you cannot change their behavior, you can change your attitude towards them which will make you comfortable. Here are some effortless techniques to deal with overb

The presence of overbearing people might make you uncomfortable in your every move. Though, you cannot change their behavior, you can change your attitude towards them which will make you comfortable. Here are some effortless techniques to deal with overbearing people.

Know their limits

Every person has his/her own moral beliefs in life. Intruding others in their personal or professional life for the sake of mocking him/her is totally unbearable. The disgusting fact is that such people are present all over the world. One should know his/her own boundaries in relationship with others. If someone crosses their limits, then it’s the time for you to take action immediately. Only when you set your own boundaries, you can be flexible in relationships, until he/she crosses them beyond the limits. Sometimes, you may experience this problem with your loved ones. Still, you should be aware of their limits in your relationship.

Focus on your work

The reason for some people to become overbearing is that they have generous time to put their nose on others desks. If you focus on your goals in life, obviously, you will have no time to waste on overbearing people. In other words, just ignore the annoyances of those people and their actions. Of course, it’s quite hard to do that when these people are troubling you purposefully. However, with practice and patience, you may acquire the skills to avoid such people.

Avoid eye-contact

If overbearing people are in your family or workplace, you may have to face them daily. You cannot just walk away without noticing their presence. In such cases, just greet those people with a smile and move your attention towards something else, immediately. Don’t try to make eye contact for more than a second or two. Eyes are the first part of our body that communicates with the outside world. People can guess others intentions right from the behavior of the eyes. If you wonder about the problem that the overbearing people might create while you establish eye contact with them, they may recognize it as well.


Showing yourselves busy at something doesn’t make the overbearing people take their attention off you. Instead face these people boldly and assign them some work. It may be a part of your project or totally irrelevant to your work. It doesn’t matter about the type of work you let them do. But, make them work on something. Else, they will keep troubling you or someone close to you. However, make sure that the work you assign them is relatively easy, so that those people can do them by themselves. Or else, they might start troubling you about the work you assigned them.

Be positive

Overbearing people are very annoying at several times. But, remember that overbearing is only an attitude. As every human being is unique, he/she has his/her own thoughts and creativity; likely, it means that overbearing people should have some good qualities in them. Find those laudable traits and appreciate them. The power of positivity can change your attitude towards the overbearing people. Stop being selfish by wanting them to change their attitude towards you. In fact, being positive can influence others to become positive in their life. Thus, it brings a double satisfaction to you.

Forgive and forget

The troubles caused by overbearing people might brought you heavy losses and unbearable circumstances. Still, you may forgive them for their mischievous activities in your life. Because, the quality of forgiveness not only calms down the situation, but also brings joy to oneself. The act of forgiving may not be the only solution to deal with overbearing people, but, it’s more satisfactory and powerful than others. Forget the frustrating moments caused by overbearing people and find ways to appreciate them. Indubitably, you won’t regret it later.

Move on

At some point, if you cannot bear the torture of overbearing people, don’t hesitate to move away from them. If your loved ones are behaving so, try to solve the issue by yourselves or seek help from others. Of course, you may miss something if you move away from your current position; however, convince yourselves that there are lot of opportunities outside your present comfort zone. Consider this solution as the final option only. Take sufficient time to practice these techniques in your real-life situations. Your experiences with overbearing people can make you an expert in dealing them.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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