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How to deal with nasty people

The negative energy transmitted by a nasty person not only expunges a convivial atmosphere but also drains out the energy of others surrounding them. Here are some easy ways of dealing with such nasty people positively and keeping your own sanity intact.

Don’t allow them to affect you

When a person is trying to be nasty with you and makes negative remarks about you in public or private, the best way to get hold of the situation is to disengage from the scene of action if possible. If it is not possible try to remain calm and unaffected. If you allow the person or his remarks to affect you it will only add to his fun of making most of the situation and poking you even further. Although, getting riled up in our own defense to uphold our egos tends to be the common reaction, it is best avoided in such situations. It is best recommended to remain calm and think of a better way to deal with the situation. Moreover, if you look unaffected by all the criticisms and obnoxious remarks, this person will soon lose out his steam to knock on you any further and might look for some other person to lash out at.

Divert and sidetrack your mind to other avenues

To cope with a difficult and negative person is an exhausting and strenuous job. When pushed into such a situation amidst people you value like your office colleagues or family members can be very insulting as well as hurtful. But dealing a blow with a blow is neither justifiable nor practical. So divert your attention to something else. Maybe counting numbers backwards or even writing down the whole event in your journal etc, will take your mind off the numbing pain of insult and also help you plan a better strategy to deal with this person in future.

Forget and forgive and get ahead with life

A one-off criticism will not stand to mark or define your life ahead. People around you know you better than to change their opinion about you based on the verdict of this one person. Moreover remember that your life is too short to worry about what others think. Let the unpleasantness pass over. By forgiving and forgetting this person you are preserving your energy.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

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