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How to deal with a narcissistic ex husband

Dealing with a narcissistic husband can become your biggest concern and it doesn’t matter whether he is still there in your life or has moved out. An ex husband with such attitude can keep on creating numerous problems unless you deal with him and your life properly, patiently and intelligently.

Try to stay as much away as you can

A broken marriage can be severely demanding because of the aftermaths created in the process of getting divorced. If it is achieved by mutual consent, then you can escape some part of the trouble but if it is being forced on one of the parties involved, it can cost a lot of time, money and patience. If you are facing either of the two situations above with your narcissistic husband, your condition has an added disadvantage. Probably you planned to move out of the relation because you were never heard and respected by him and the same is going to happen now too. Even if you are trying to settle down in your life, he won’t allow you to do so. There would be lots of procedures which will involve you both and there he will try to rule out all your demands and concerns. Speak out through your counselor and lawyer. Do not get directly involved in any arguments as it will cost you your mental peace. He might try to provoke you and get you to your peaks of frustration. Stay away from such gimmicks of his so that you can concentrate more on future life and not let him spoil it too.

Look for support

I am not saying that you cannot manage it alone as you have managed the toughest times when you were staying with such a person, but now when all your pains are coming to an end; you need to have ample support of the people who really care for you. The people who were always with you in bad times and are still there to help you come out of it, are the ones whom you need now. Spend your time with them and talk to them about how you feel or were made to feel. You need to vent out everything inside so that the new life which you are pursuing now, is completely deprived of any bad memories from past. They can also be a great help when the selfish and egoist ex husband tries to come back and ruin your peace.

Stop reacting

He made you react a lot and probably changed your individuality. Now it’s your turn to give him your deaf ears. There is no need to react anymore. He will try to create situations which can instigate you to scream and cry; keep yourself patience and serene at those points. There is no need for you to worry about anything he speaks or demands. He is no longer a part of your life. Consider him to be bad nightmare which has just passed away. Ignorance is the best policy for such individuals.

Get engaged in what you have been ignoring

Trapped amidst the dark clouds of your ex husband’s wishes and demands, you lost all the things which kept your alive and kicking before. Get back to your old habits. Reinvest yourself in your hobbies and interests. Remember, you never lose you knack on things which you are fond of. You just have to be servile enough to try to find a way back to them and they will accept you with as much liking as they did before. Your husband never wanted to see you happy as his happiness weighed the most. Now it is your time to get back to all the things which make you happy. Start living again. It is a possibility that your ex will try to deviate your paths again by creating innumerable issues but the best part is that he can do it from a distance. Allow yourself to be happy through your assets and all the liabilities like your narcissistic ex husband will disappear in a jiffy.

Give your life one more chance

One unsuccessful relation with a self obsessed man should not end your journey to find the right life partner. You will never forget your bad experiences and will always be scared but this won’t help anyone and especially you. Rather than feeling bad about how badly you were treated and still being treated by someone whom you submitted your entire life, take some lessons from the experience and move ahead. The road only ends when we think it has come to an end otherwise, life is an endless road full of happiness. You just need to give yourself chance after chance to get your share of happy times.

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